Alexandrovich Kazantsev

Russia • Moscow • born in 1948 • artist
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Biography and information

Kazantsev Evgeny Alexandrovich. Honored Artist of Russia-2006. Born 1948 in Stepnyak, Tselinograd region. in the family of a mining engineer. Since 1953 in the town of Miass, Chelyabinsk Region. In 1962 in 1964, he worked in the art studio of the Palace of Pioneers of the Ural Automobile Plant under V.A. Zoteva. In 1964 entered and 1968. He graduated from the Penza Art College named after K.A. Savitsky. In 1968 entered and in 1974 graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute named after VI. Surikov. Studied in the workshop of A.M. Gritsai and in the workshop of Yu.K. Koroleva.S1974g. till 1980 lives and works in Tolyatti. Monumentalist artist. 1975 - 1976 service in the Soviet Army. Since 1980 - member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Since 1980 in Pushchino, Moscow region. The works of E. Kazantsev are in museums of Russia and in private collections in Russia and abroad.