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Mikhailovna Malinina
born in 1980
Biography and information

In 2001 he graduated from Moscow State Academic Art School of memory of 1905 (diploma with honors).
In 2007 he graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute. V. I. Surikov (workshop of academician T. G. Nazarenko).
In 2006 he was awarded the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.
In 2007 training in Germany: Berlin, UDK (University of arts).
2008 — scholarship of Ministry of culture of Russia.
Since 2008 is a member of the Moscow Union of artists.
Since 2011 lecturer in mgahi. V. I. Surikov, assistant Professor T. G. Nazarenko.
Since 2001 takes part in Russian and international exhibitions, including in England, Italy, Germany.

015 "Industrial 2015", Centre for contemporary art FCT MSPU, Moscow.

2014 "Edge of the City". Baker Mamonova Gallery. Hastings. UK.

2014 "Trumpet calls", Kovcheg gallery, Moscow.

2013 — personal exhibition — project "Another reality", Central house of artists Artsalon 2013. Central House Of Artists, Moscow.
2012 — personal exhibition "Moscow topography". Manege Central exhibition hall. Moscow.
2011 — project "Chosen space", Artsalon 2011 Central house of artists, Central House of artists, Moscow.
2009 — personal exhibition "Begich Gladbach eyes of the artist", dedicated to the jubilee of German-Russian society, Villa Zanders, Germany.
2008 — "the Image of Russia" gallery, Milan.
2008 — "Youth of Russia", Saratov. "For the originality of the author’s thinking" is awarded a diploma of ARTS.
2007 — "Academic school", dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of arts, New Manege, Moscow. Awarded special mention from the ARTS for participation in the exhibition.
2006 III all-Russian contest of young artists named after P. M. Tretyakov, state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow.

The artist’s works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.
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Julia Mikhailovna Malinina. My beautiful castle
My beautiful castle
Julia Mikhailovna Malinina
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Julia Mikhailovna Malinina. Elevator
Julia Mikhailovna Malinina. The dry wind
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