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Mikhailovich Gusev
Odessa, Ukraine 
born in 1970
Biography and information

Igor Gusev was born in 1970 in Odessa; in 1991, he graduated from Odessa art school named after M. B. Grekov. His work is represented by such auction houses as Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury, and exhibitions are held in London, new York, Vienna, Kotor.

The works of Igor Gusev was repeatedly presented on the most prestigious exhibition venues of the country — in "Mystetskyi Arsenal" and the National art Museum of Ukraine. In addition to the panel, on account of the artist today — about twenty personal exhibitions. He was also curator of a number of projects, including: "Save the President. Parallel program of ARSENALE 2012", Dymchuk Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine, 2012", "goodbye crisis", Museum of Odessa modern art, 2008, "Empty tunnel", Museum of contemporary art, 2008.
In 2008, Igor Gusev opened in Odessa gallery "Norma", four years of which took place more than fifteen exhibitions, including the exhibition by Nikita Kadan and Miroslav Kulchitsky, Leonid Voytsehov and Stas Podlipskaya.

In 2007, Igor Gusev established in Odessa art Association "Art-raiders" held a number of shares — "Art-raiders of the world", "Art raiders against vandalism"; but the main were more than twenty of the shares at the Odessa flea market — Starokon market.
Since 1998 Igor Gusev exhibited abroad and the first experience was participation in the exhibition "Labyrinth" in the framework of the 2nd Biennale of graphic art in Prague, followed by participation in group exhibitions in Moscow, Berlin, London, Vienna, Basel, Copenhagen ("Art Copenhagen 2015"), Cologne. In 2016 in the Czech Ostrava, gallery "Jama 10" Igor presented his schedule.
March 2017 exhibition in the Vienna gallery Karenina

According to the materials of the publication of Eugene Demenko in Archive

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Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. The amber room
The amber room
2016, 130×100 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. Black Queen
Black Queen
2016, 100×130 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. A random incident
A random incident
2014, 130×100 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. The wife of the lighthouse Keeper
The wife of the lighthouse Keeper
2016, 120×90 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. Another Park
Another Park
2016, 60×100 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. Water lackey
Water lackey
2015, 195×145 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. Humanists
2015, 145×195 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. Tears of joy
Tears of joy
2016, 195×145 cm
Igor Mikhailovich Gusev. The seconds of spring
The seconds of spring
2015, 145×195 cm
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