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Russia • born in 1992 • artist

Biography and information

The words of woody Allen "80% of success is appearing in the right place at the right time" are well suited for phenomena Maxim Pipe in Izhevsk art.
He manages to participate in curatorial projects, paint urban space and implement performances, making it one of the most bright representatives of the artistic community of the city. Already in the beginning of his career Maxim Pipe causing public outcry, someone doesn't understand and it doesn't like, others react with enthusiasm at the sight of his name.
Creativity maxima experimentally and is not static. About it it is impossible to say with certainty "artist" or "performer", the Pipe outside of genres and materials.

Unlike many in the genre, Maxim is not limited to the vector of profits and earnings, it's more important to Express their thoughts, to respond. Subjects of his paintings often becomes himself, his experiences and childhood memories, and the inspiration is drawn from all sources. Artist's eye to notice ideas in everyday life. "We need to do!" - said Maxim and confidently participates in most cultural events in Izhevsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, while others draw on the table. He's one of the few who makes performances, writes picture every day and generating ideas, asking questions about contemporary art. But a lot of talk and empty to discuss Payp not like his opinion "For the artist talking the picture, it is necessary not to talk, but to create"