Vitalevna Mikhno

Ukraine • Simferopol • born in 1994 • artist
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Biography and information

From 2011-2016, a student of the Crimean art College im. N. S. Samokish, speciality "Painting".

Participation in competitions and exhibitions:

2012 — 2nd place in the Crimean Republican contest for the best urban landscape;

2013 — contest, dedicated to T. G. Shevchenko – the audience award for most creative solution;

2014 national competition-plein air "In the homeland of archaeology" — Grand Prix; the Exhibition according to the results of plein air "At home archaeology" (Voronezh); Exhibition by results of the plein-air "In the homeland of archaeology" (Moscow);

2014 – Participant of Festival of creative youth of the Peninsula of Crimea (Moscow); the exhibition in the Hall of Church cathedrals of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior (Moscow);

2014 – Laureate of all-Russian contest "Young talents of Russia" (Moscow);

2016 Party painting contest for the best spring landscape (Simferopol);

2016 - Exhibition "On the wings of inspiration" (Simferopol);

2016 - Winner of the national competition of painting "I love Yalta";

2016 - the Exhibition "Time to create!" at the State music theatre of the Republic of Crimea (Simferopol);