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Alexandrovna Sluchinskaya

born in 1973 •
After graduating from the city school of fine arts for a very long time not painting, as all free time was spent on the education of three children.
In the summer of 2016 decided to return to painting and writing mostly marine landscapes or still lifes in the style of realism and classicism.
All my paintings professional oil paints, mostly using the technique of glazes, drawing the smallest features of the object and overlay multiple layers of paint, resulting in a contrast that creates depth, volume and impression of the real image.
My works evoke memories, create the illusion of atmosphere and breath of life, make you dream and fantasize. No doubt my paintings will fit perfectly into any interior and will bring a lot of positive emotions to your friends and family.
I hope you enjoy them as much as me, because in each of them I put a piece of his soul! Have fun buying my paintings!
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