Portrait Of Lorenzo De Medici The Magnificent

Giorgio Vasari • Painting, 1534, 90×72 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Renaissance
Technique: Oil
Materials: Wood
Date of creation: 1534
Size: 90×72 cm
Artwork in selections: 18 selections

Description of the artwork «Portrait Of Lorenzo De Medici The Magnificent»

Giorgio Vasari always enjoyed the patronage of the powerful of the world, including cardinals, Dukes and even Popes. Were among his high patrons and members of the house of Medici, who ruled Florence. A teenager Vasari for some time have been brought up together from a young Medici. Known for his portrait of Alessandro de Medici in knightly armor. Specially for the wedding of another of the Medici, Francesco Vasari, an architect, has rebuilt the covered gallery of the Uffizi, linking Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti. And the famous "Biographies" offering verbal thanks and praise one of the most famous in the history of the Medici – Cosimo. But Lorenzo de ' Medici the Magnificent, pictured in this portrait, could not be among the patrons of the artist. The reason is very simple: he died exactly two decades before the birth of Vasari.

In the Chapter "Biographies" dedicated to himself, Vasari admits that always avoided to paint portraits – much more confident he felt in complex compositions with many characters. However, to deny Cosimo de ' Medici, when he was asked to paint a portrait of his famous ancestor Lorenzo, in which art and wealth of Florence have risen to unprecedented heights, Vasari could not: he often longed for "Golden age" of Lorenzo.

Incorrect characteristic features of Lorenzo the Magnificent was well-remembered by the Florentines to other works of art – including excellent bust of Andrea Verokko. So Vasari could not really complaining about the absence of the sight of the living nature. By the way, almost at the same time on his portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent worked as and assistant of Vasari, Girolamo Macchietti.

Perhaps, we even talked about creative competition. Macchietti chose to portrait the traditional warm tones. Vasari always preferred the range of cool, and "Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent" was no exception.
Exquisite cold color is only one bright spot. It's like a magnet, attracts the eye. This red Fanny pack Medici. He needed to remind us of the financial power of the Medici in the late fifteenth century not only Florence, but Rome was gripped by a banking network owned by the Medici. And Pope Sixtus IV, joining a coalition of political opponents of the Medici, first put hands on their money, and only the second excommunicated the Medici family, and with them the entire city of Florence from the Church.

Means of the Medici was no money in it for the money. That is why the time Lorenzo was really great. Having achieved economic success, the Medici sent the money for the advancement of science and art. Under him Florence was a leader among Italian cities: Padua and Venice, Siena, Verona and even Rome at different moments or fought against Florence, or what was not less productive, he sought to inherit.
And yet, despite the charisma of a winner, looks like Lorenzo de ' Medici in the portrait Vasari disappointed and very tired. Perhaps his furrowed brow and hunched shoulders hinted at the fact that Lorenzo is eating some kind of painful thought. But more likely, just pointing out historical fact: being not an old man, the Medici was forced to retire from public Affairs since suffered excruciating form of gout. Her Lorenzo the Magnificent died, being only forty-three years old.

Author: Anna Yesterday