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victorovich shechkin

born in 1960 •
artist, art connoisseur
(December 6, 1960- present) - a famous artist in Moscow, curator of many relevant projects. Muralist, designer (wall painting, mosaic, sgrafito, chasing, woodcarving, sculpture), restorer, member of the International Academy of Arts, (1), member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists (2), international art fund, member of the president’s council of the society friendship with Sri Lanka \ when RAMS \, freelance journalist, organizer and curator art. OST gallery since 1999, currently curator and teacher at the MIREA- gallery, senior lecturer at Physics and Technology Institute. \ \, new art ploshch.v DK Crystal

He graduated from the Krasnodar Art College in 1984, in 1996 he graduated from the Stroganov Moscow Polytechnic University, faculty of Monumental and Decorative Art. Since 1984, a regular participant in Russian and international art exhibitions. The author of twenty solo exhibitions. The author of the monumental murals of the Babaevskaya factory, the Roerich Museum, the Museum of Local Lore of the Red Village, the Museum of Advertising, the night club "Castle". Artwork by the Roerich Museum in New York, hotels in Tunisia, and music by L.N. Tolstoy. institutes MIREA, VNIITE and so on. His paintings are in museums of Roerich in India, New York, South Korea, Moscow: museums of Roerich, Bulgakov, Novgorod, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad.

He is also a permanent member of the jury of ART WEEKA, the international exhibition and competition of contemporary art (3), where he received diplomas in the nomination live-1 place, academician. Fig.-1 place, graphics and watercolors. - 2 places, esoteric alive.-3 place

Participant of the resonant exhibition "Caution, Religion!" (4)


1 Awards
2 Creative activities
3 Literature
4 References


Order of the 2nd degree "Serving the Art" of the International Academy of Arts.

Medal of Alexander Nevsky 1 degree.
Creative activity

He opened the gallery OSTv 1999 on Olkhovskaya street 33, from the beginning with the group FRANCE, exhibitions - '' Anatomy apperception '', '' Ticket price '', '' Interwoven roots '' with brother A. Kallima and so on.

1995 - Starosadsky lane 5, the exhibition hall of the "Union of Artists" participation.
1996 - Stroganov Institute \ catalog-encyclopedia "Creative Fund of Russia" \ person. \
1995-97 –participation in the 2nd exhibition in the Central House of Artists and personal in the Gal. Union Creativity \ catalog \ "Art. 2 millennia"
1998 - House of Friendship (exhibition "India"). Participation
1999 - Museum of the East "Indonesia" joint exhibition (
2000 - The Rotunda Gallery and the jazz festival at Neskuchny Sad. Performance “Mickey Mouse and you're wrong!” (With A. Kallima).
2000 - “Zverev Center” exhibition “Moscow Chukotka” Participation.
2000-2003 - The Dom Gallery took part in 3 Holidays dedicated to K. Malevich in Ivan Kupala from A. Shumov.
2000-2003 - Creative trips along the Golden Ring. Participation in the Novgorod exhibition "Moscow Mosaic". \ In the collection of the museum \
2001 - Gallery "France" participation in the international exhibition "Interwoven Roots" (Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia). .
2001 - Participation in a diplomatic exhibition, presentation of the Cuban journal.
2002 - at the Zverev Center Gallery, participation in the exhibition “Children's Fears”.
2003 - Participation in the exhibition "Caution-Religion" (Sakharov Center) testimony in the Tagansky court.
2003 - "Anatomy-Aperception" joint exhibition. \ With Mitki \
2003 - A trip to the "Art-Klyazma" \ perfor \ and the response project in the gallery "OST". “Pace with Pace” (joint exhibition) painting, insta-tion, video.
2004 - Gallery "OST" exhibition "Non-movable bridges" person.
2004 - “Art Strelka” - “An act of mercy ...” \ part. \
2005-2006 - a series of exhibitions in the gal.OST "With a wheel in my head", "Dead City", etc.
2007 -Exhibition / staff ./ '' My friend is an artist and poet "- Chernogolovka festival
2007- Creative nlener and exhibition in Brussels in cult. Cen., In Montenegro with the international group '' Circle ', -' reciprocal exhibition. in Tula
2007-Supervised the show. '' Military operations '' in the Zverev Center
2009-2015- Exhibitions / participation / '' My friend artist and poet '' Chernogolovka festival
2008-Fine in Tunisia Souss in the hotel
2008-Supervised the show. '' Adult Games '' SART Gallery
2008-In the OST gallery 38 Sakharov Ave. Curator and participant in the art 'Trump Life', 'Sky', '' Spring Ends in August ',' 'Calendars',' Metamorphoses of Space ',' 'Dead city' and so on.
-Has conducted plein airs in Athens with a performance in Kultur.tsen. and gal. "Unesco"., In Yalta and in the Rise / Program. "Solar Square" \ in the collection
2008-exhibition in the L "Fake Coupon" GALLERY \ participation \
2008-Supervised the art. '' Tales - Coloring '' / '' Zverevsk. center''/
2009-3rd Biennale in Moscow `` Sleeping area '' st. Volzhskaya, participation in the catalog
2009-Gallery '' Creativity '' participation in the autumn exhibition and in the exhibition '' Kolovorot ''
2009-Gallery SART participation in the exhibition `` Russian metaphysics ''
2009-supervised at the Zverev Center art. '' Metamorphoses, games during ''
2009-supervised in the OST gallery OST Windows, Calendars and a number of prefabricated exhibitions.
2009-in the city of Chernogolovka. '' Measuring by bodies ''
2009 participation in art. Central House of Artists '' Walks of a Lone Wanderer ''
2009-Tushinsky vystal.participation in the exhibition `` The Holy Army '' and a series vyst.k 65 Victory
2009 plein air in Thailand with vost. in the OST gallery
2009-Participation in a charity auction at the Ritz-Carlton hotel with participation in the Star Bail catalog
2009-participation in the exhibition '' About money '' Winery / gal. '' No exhibitions '' /
2010 -participation in the Darwin Museum / Museum Night / Art. '' Air ''
2010-participation in the exhibition '' Asylum '' / Zverev Center /
2010-participation in Starosadsky per. / Entry into the Ministry of Agriculture /
2010 participation in art. Kuznetsk 20 \ monument. \
2010-curatorial art at the OST gallery “Ticket price”, “Not building bridges”, “Sky”, etc.
2010 - `` Field of Miracles or Genetically Modified Products '' Beast Center
2010-plein air in Spain, Egypt- with art. in gal. "OST '', in Ukraine, exhibition in Yevpatoriya, Yalta \ in the collection \
2011-2012-ART VIK.v Sokolniki., Gallery MARS- \ DIPLOMAS, member of the jury \
2011-Art Wednesday at the Central House of Artists Participation "Square"
2011-Zverev Ts. ,, The city we are passing "oversaw
2011-Sakharov Ts. ,, Phoenix City "\ oversaw \
2011-in the gallery of Red October art. "NO COMENT" \ participated \
2012-art of the Central House of Artists Participation "Pastel"
2012 SART Gallery, Vodka Label - participated, 2013 - Institutional Art "Russian Metaphysics" - participated
2013-2016-art VIC gallery MARS, on ART PLEA, in the Central House of Artists, permanent member of the jury \ diplomas-1 place and 3 second-zhivop. ,graphics\
2013-2016 continued to oversee exhibitions in the OST gallery in VNIITE \ VDNH \ "70 years of Victory." "Prism of the Universe", "Real surreal", "Meeting Place" and so on. \
2012-series of exhibitions in the gallery Basilica, then curator in the gal. OST at VVC, in the mansion of Kekushev "Phantoms of the City"
2012–2016 series of “Nights of Museums” on Kashirka and “Art Night”, cuirs. anniversary "Our Home Earth", a number of exhibitions in the House of Journalists \ catalogs \
2012-art in Vetoshny per. in YOGA FEST, in Arbat cafe at Talkova concert
2013-art WEDNESDCH Central House of Artists “Blue, red, green.”
2013-2016-series ART VIC in the Central House of Artists. \ jury member. Diploma - 2nd place for avant-garde painting \
2013-art. “Monument-you” Kuznetsky 11.and in the “Craft Guild” Kuznets.11 ART VIC \ jury member \ Diplomas, mast. the class
2013- 5 — Moscow Biennale.-Tetractis-art house. \ Participation + perform. \
2013-Museum of Folk Graphics.-TetraArt- \ participation \ and gal. Dresden Inomeria
2014-exhibition in gal. A. Barto "Postulates" in the memorial. Mast. Ryabichev "Biogenesis" of hens. , "ABSTRAK-I" Kupriyanva Union,
2014-ART NIGHT on Kashirka "Voices and Sounds" \ diploma., Rolled. \
2014-at the Bulgakov Museum \ in the collection \ and on the ship M. Bulgakov \ in the collection \
2014-in the jury of ART VIC in gal. MARS \ diploma \
2014-exhibition in the gallery. Bryusov Lane "City" - \ part \. .House magazine. "Female Images" -2-va catalog

2015-exhibitions in the galaxy OST VNIITE and on the ship M. Bulgakov \ in the collection. \. 2015- Art Play. \ Participation \ and Zverev Ts-2e art. \ participation \ 2015-in the Palace of Culture of the Bauman Institution, "Parallel spaces." 2016-in the Palace of Culture of the Crystal \ Kurir Factory \ 2016-cost center A-3 "Dedication to Kuskov" and the anniversary exhibition. A-3 "30 years of the gallery" \ participation \ 2016-17--4 and exhibited at the Winery "WordShop" - "I AM HERE" \ catalog \ ... 2017-participation in the 2017-Starosadsky lane 5 "... friends" section. Monumental. Alive. 2017Exhibition in the Chekhov price. "Image" 2017-Kuznetskiy m.11 Art wick -2 place in painting + jury member 2017-Vys.zal Mitino participation in the exhibition "palette"

Personal exhibitions

1992 - Central House of Artists, Moscow.

1993 - Gallery "Nikor" Association of the World.

1994 - Center for Spiritual Renaissance \ Sviblovo \, Moscow. \ Shooting TV 2X2 \

1996-1998 - Institute named after Stroganova, 2nd House of Journalists, House of Actors, House of Friendship.

1998—2014 —4th VDNH, Indian Embassy, 3rd House of Architects, Moscow.

1998 - 3 exhibitions in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, Moscow.

2000 - Egypt. Hurghada. Exhibition at the Beirut Hotel, in private hotels in Tunisia

2001 - House of Architects ("White Living Room") gallery "Ars", "Knots and Labyrinths".

2002 - “Karamazov Center” Museum “The Brothers Karamazov”, installation “Nodes and Labyrinths”.

2003 - An exhibition in the OST Gallery “Pup's Journey to Kulu” (painting, installation,).

2003 - Gallery “OST” exhibition “With a wheel in my head — repetition of the passed” (painting, installation).

2004 “Vasiliev Theater” “India” .combined with scenography by A. Koleichuk

Official Exhibitions'

1984 - Krasnodar. \ KHU diplomas \

1982-1990 - the city of Grozny. \ Region.vyst.avki \

1987 - zonal exhibition "South-87".


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