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At the tea table

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1888, 48×60 cm • Oil, Canvas on cardboard

Description of the artwork «At the tea table»

At the tea table depicts the family Vasily Polenov teachers Konstantin Korovin at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. Logs were often invited his favorite students (and Korovin was definitely among them) to his dacha in the village of Zhukovka.

This picture evokes many breakfasts Impressionists (1, 2). In his "tea party" Korovin uses a favorite trick in this direction is the random effect of the frame. In its favor such items as pushed the chair in the foreground on the right. Seems sitting behind him just got up and might have reached for a brush? Due to the lack of staged compositions, the viewer is sure that watching an ordinary stage of summer vacation. However, to attribute this painting to impressionism, except that a very big stretch. Because inherent in the flow of ease, spontaneity, transience is not found. In contrast, and composition, and colour are carefully constructed.

How to classify this painting? Landscape? Still life? Everyday scene? Group portrait? The latest version, perhaps the most fully manifested. Wife of Vasily Polenov Natalia busy with her sewing. Daughter Elena is sitting in front of the mother, we see her from the back. Yakunchikova Maria, sister Natalia, enthusiastically talking with a naval officer stationed on the opposite edge of the table. Cross composition gives two lines – relaxation and tension, and with interesting color contrast. The wife and daughter of the artist written in a warm ochre tones, while depicted in relaxed poses, I want to say that they are slacking. Line Maria Yakunchikova officer, by contrast, is written in the cold tones of blue and white, but their posture indicate interest hot conversation and possibly each other, about passion. This color juxtaposition is duplicated and in still life: shining copper samovar and blue and white, made in cool colours tea set. In the same contrast-filled landscape with green and ocher tones replace and Supplement each other.

Korovin in 1888, presented the picture at the eighth exhibition of the society of arts, and it was a great success.

Author: Alain Grosheva
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