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Valentinovna Mostyaeva.

born in XXI century
Nadezhda Valentinovna Mostyaeva was born in the suburbs. Udelninsky studied at the art school. In 1979 he graduated from Moscow Veterinary Academy. K. Skryabin. Worked in the art plant for the production of visual AIDS for agricultural education institutions. Since the late 80's- freelance artist-animal painter. Main theme – Arabian horse and hounds. 1997 – the constant participant of exhibitions. Since 2002 – member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
Work Hope Valentinovna well known for a sincere love of nature in all its manifestations. But the favorite themes of the artist for many years remain horses and greyhounds. Each of her paintings is a separate story. Portraits – famous Borzoi, greyhounds, Arabian horses. Almost all the works are in private collections in England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Holland, Austria, America, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Japan, the Ministry of agriculture of the Northern Lands of Westphalia and Italy.
– I often draw dogs. We have lived and mongrel, Schnauzer, because I was an instructor service dog. But one day, in 1988, we came to the exhibition and saw first brought to Moscow Greyhound. I immediately fell in love with greyhounds. Since I live and greyhounds, and Russian hounds, a favorite genre in the works. They related much of the history of Russia, with its freedom, air, hunts and jumps in the fields... I like the state of mind of greyhounds, their psychology. Interesting to talk to them, because each dog has its own character and habits, the expression "person". Greyhounds for me at all not dogs, and people.
Don't know if you can call it charm, but for me, to some extent, this is something new. I illustrated two books: the stud book "Russian Borzoi. 1943-1993" and the book "Russian hound".
– What is required to become a professional?
– Daily work not less than 3-4 hours. Now coming home and going to work.
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