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Korkishko Vasily Anatolievich member of the Union of artists of the USSR . Member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine. The participant of many exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Poltava - space free, space, the vast sky, the sun, the grass, the grace of God. Wildlife places. The richness of Ukrainian.
Here, in 1961, the year he was born Vasily A. Korkishko. It went to Kharkov to study at art school. There, in 1985 graduated from the Kharkov art-industrial Institute.
On completion of his studies the young artist into his work. This period is characterised by an abundance of graphic works, which are already visible bright talent, independence and originality of artistic perception of the world. It should be noted the series of etchings "Memory" (1988) dedicated to the great Patriotic war. The plane of the sheet is divided horizontally into two parts. The upper part of the memory of the past, and lower present time. Trees are living witnesses of the past and present. In the difficult war years, even the branches become a barrier, turning into barbed wire. A blank frame indicates the non-design - picture, piece of music. Funerals were flying like leaves, even in the peaceful post-war period. The mother, who bore the brunt of all the hardships, misery and deprivation, living witnesses of that time. Even the flowering trees perceived differently.
Drawing for Korkishko is the cornerstone. He achieves extraordinary elaborateness and precision which pieces I want to see a magnifying glass. For the artist is not an end in itself, but the desire to portray, to convey all the amazing richness of the material world and its textures. The delicate shading is what a painter is a picturesque smear. This original, subconsciously inherent in creative work Korkishko identification drawing with painting in particular, determines the ratio to the background, leaving the picture clean and white, occasionally faintly tinted. The background never looks dead, dull surface, creating not only visual, but also the spiritual space, which is invisibly present thoughts and feelings of the artist. In his paintings there is no center, no periphery. Or all of the center and the periphery?- Yes! He thinks so. He believes that creativity is love. All that fell on the loving gaze of the artist, is transformed into a jewel. Carefully traced lint turns into the scene of love and therefore gaining importance. The artist writes that care of the soul in tune with his internal state. He philosophically ponders the tragic side of life in the circumstances, the intransigence, the desire not to speak and to sound the alarm until you Wake up!
S. V. Korkishko holds a number of successful exhibitions, and in 1990 became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
The master closely within the graphics, and it addresses the creation of complex pictorial compositions: "73", "How do we...". Seventy-three candles author lights in memory of that destroyed over seventy-three years on the centuries-old culture which against the dark, icy night, leaving only fragments of the assumption Church and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour; executed family of the last Russian monarch. Circling white dove that brought the good news of revival. Socio-political exigencies of the day permeated the contents of the large canvas "Where we...". Burning away unwanted artificial values. Cleared the horizon, lurks the blue sky.
Significant place in the work of V. Korkishko landscape takes. The landscapes expressed special reverent feeling of the artist before nature. He is attracted, at times, barely perceptible in its state, which every time give the landscape a new content. His landscapes are lyrical, they touch the heart, poetic motifs, and felt the color scheme. The movement of the soul is felt in every piece.
In still lifes, bouquets, the artist not only admired the splendor of roses, but is able to feel and convey the beauty of the simplest flower of the field; every blade of grass he felt as though "turns" in front of the audience, demonstrating their grace and elegance. The careful detail that extends to what is said to be a vein on the wing of a butterfly, a drop of dew on the surface - all this is combined in the film with a decorative effect.
Tracing the creative path in art Vasily Anatolyevich Korkishko, it is impossible not to notice the dedication of his research, dedication. Double dates show that the paintings were created over a long period of time.
About this artist can talk a lot, but the main difference is not the search for easy victories in the art, and everyday work - joyful and painful.
Such people say: "it helps the Church, built in the soul."
Today a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine Vasyl Korkishko A. lives and works in Dnepropetrovsk. It is full of daring creative plans and ideas. A lot of work ahead, life is ahead. People's artist of Ukraine P. I. Magro.
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