Nikolaevich Kushner

Born in the Urals. In 1943-1950, he studied at the faculty of painting at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after. I.E. Repin, VM Oreshnikov, thesis "Miners". He lived and worked in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg). The author of genre paintings, landscapes. Member of the Union of Artists. Fame at exhibitions 1950-60 gg. acquired by Vasily Nikolayevich Kushner's “P.P.Anosov. The Birth of Bulat Steel” (1957), depicting the great Russian metallurgical scientist Pavel Petrovich Anosov, surrounded by Ural artisans and workers, in 1830. in the Urals at the Zlatoust Arms Factory, the age-old secret of Bulat and improved the technology for producing heavy-duty steel. On the canvas, the Ural blacksmith stretches a unique blade to P. Anosov. In RGALI there are archival materials on the artist VN Kushner - RGALI f.29, op.3, ed. xp 821 (25 pp.). V.Egorov (Grivsky)
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