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Eduardovich Mako


Biography and information

Born into a family of artist-watercolourist, of Austrian origin, Joseph Edward Mako. He graduated from the Tomsk gymnasium (1869).
Went to Munich to his grandfather, he studied at the Munich Academy of arts.
30 April 1874 he received the title of class artist by the decision of the Board of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts for works "Horse in the nursery", "Dog", still life "two Different things". The work was exhibited at the Spring exhibitions of the Academy.
In the late 1870s he lived in Tomsk, he taught drawing at the Mariinsky a girls ' school, opened her own art Studio. Among his pupils, the brothers Orzeszko (including V. Orzeszko), S. I. Golubin. Was also engaged in sculpture — a bust of Tchaikovsky for the Tomsk branch of the Imperial Musical society, a bust of Alexander Pushkin on the centennial of the poet's birth (1899). In the mid-1890s years engaged in horse breeding in the Altai.
In 1905 he moved to Kiev, 1910-1913 active member of the Kiev art exhibitions, the 7th Autumn exhibition in St. Petersburg (1912), where she successfully presented a series of works devoted to the hunt. One of the founders of the society of artists of Kiev (1914). After 1917, was again exposed in Tomsk.
He painted for the Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, was his court painter. Author of landscapes, ethnographic compositions and hunting scenes, in recent years — the battle scenes.
Artworks of Alessandro Mako presented in the Tomsk regional art Museum, Tomsk regional Museum, Omsk Museum of fine arts, Museum and private collections of Kiev and other cities.
Alexander Mako married Vera Pavlovna Frizel, daughter of the Manager of the Mariinsky female grammar school Elizabeth A. Frizell and important Tomsk official, Pavel Ivanovich Prizes. The wedding took place in St. Petersburg, in the Admiralty Cathedral. Alexander and Vera had two sons, Sergei and Alexander. Sergei Mako emigrated to France and became a famous artist. Alexander remained in Tomsk and died, leaving no children.

The descendants of Sergei Mako still live in France, collect his pictures and kept many family papers, including letters and postcards from Alexander Mako. In 2012, they met with the Siberian descendants of Joseph and Mako have joined forces to restore the history of the family and of the work of artists Mako. In September 2013, a daughter, a granddaughter, a grandson and two great-grandchildren, Sergei Mako made the trip from France to Tomsk and met with the paintings of artists of Mako in the Tomsk regional art Museum and Tomsk regional Museum of local lore. They also visited Barnaul — the city where was born Alexander, Mako, and the village Cherga, near which was his. "Rabochka".
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