Alexeyevich Shamkov

born in 1971

Biography and information

Shamkov Alexander A. was born 25 November 1971 in the city of Ivanovo, at the end of the children's art school in 1987, he entered the Ivanovo art College (painting Department), from which he graduated with honors, and my thesis was a series of paintings in the genre of landscape. In 1991 he entered the Ivanovo textile Academy of design faculty in 1996, he defended the diploma perfectly well.
Currently engaged in creative work.
The first creative work of A. Samkova appeared while studying in the art school for children. In the years of study at the art school he painted lyrical landscapes.
During the period of study at the Ivanovo textile Academy, Alexander became interested in Greek, Norse and Slavic mythology. Mythological stories were devoted to a series of graphic sheets.
In 1996, with the thesis defense presented a series of works on the theme of "Apocalypse", which used scenes of ancient history.
From 1996 to 1999, Alexander worked in the artistic-production enterprise "Sofrino" of the Russian Orthodox Church. While working in "Sofrino", in 1997, performed in miniature portraits of prominent figures of Russian history.
Member vtoo "Union of artists of Russia" since 2005.
Shamkov Alexander is a phenomenon in the artistic life of the Ivanovo organization of all-Russian creative public organization "Union of artists of Russia" is unique in its kind. From the beginning of his exhibition activities, he drew on themselves and on their creativity and attention, both to the audience and colleagues on art. In our fast moving and hectic times, the creativity Samkova because of its thoroughness and unhurried. His professional interest in good classical painting, to the painting, to the painting of historical worthy of respect and support.
A. Shamkov a professional way to solve complicated tasks dictated by historical subject, as beautiful, and composite.
Russian history, its heroes in the works of the young artist suggests that all is not lost in the system of values of contemporary creators. The picture is alive, alive interest to a large and serious topics, and there are artists who are able to solve these great challenges.
With his first works exhibited at art exhibitions in Ivanovo Alexander Shamkov said about myself as the artist, serious, truthful, and unusual. Knowing and continuing to study history, he creates a series of genre works, surprising penetration images, professional equipment, its perfection.
As a participant of many exhibitions, A. Shamkov has established itself growing and evolving artist.
The works of Alexander Samkov occupy a worthy place in private collections.
In 1998 he began a series of picturesque and historic portraits.
Recently the artist draw scenes from Russian history.

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