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Grigorievna Ostapets

Ukraine • Myrhorod • born in 1963 • artist
Ostapets (Yurko) L. G.
S. Matiashivka Velikobagachansky R-n
Poltava region
Since my childhood I love to draw...
I draw as I remember...
I was born in Kirovograd in the winter snow 17 Jan 1963 in a simple working family. My father briskly Gregory at the time was working as a graphic designer at the city boarding school No. 1, and mother , Lyubov Alekseevna, - the seller in shop "Fabrics".
The impressions of childhood from the environment of the paints, brushes, paper, and fabrics influenced the choice of my future profession. I liked to sew and paint. In 1980 I graduated from Kirovohrad secondary school # 17 and two-year courses "sewing" at the House Officers and when the time came to choose a future profession, it was difficult for me to make a choice in one direction or another ... "to be or not to be"- "to draw or sew" ?? ...
My parents helped to make choices and in 1980 I enrolled in the Ceramic technical school. N. In. Gogol's Mirgorod of Poltava region at the Department "Technology of ceramics".
I studied there well , but without much enthusiasm ...after all, I wanted to draw! Therefore, in spare time ran for advice to the artist-teacher Mysak Sergey Kuzmich, asking for his classes... He, good soul, did not refuse.
At the end of College I received a speciality "the technician - technologist in ceramics" and went on the distribution of the Urals in Sverdlovsk region, city of Bogdanovich.
Hello, the porcelain factory, controller - inspector has arrived!!! To work as a controller-inspector I was not impressed and in the summer of 1983 I went to study at the Moscow Correspondence public University of Arts. N. To. Krupskaya at the faculty of graphic arts, Department of "Easel painting and graphics". I studied there for three years at the teacher Ivanov Ivan Aleksandrovich. During this time managed to get married, have two children , to change their place of work and place of residence.
Worked 15 years as a graphic designer. First in the House of Officers in the Russian North, and when my husband and I moved soldiers into Ukraine, it continued a favorite pastime in the village House of Culture. On the same at home I was a fashion designer and a seamstress-turned-machine operator at the same time, i.e. points in order to friends and friends of friends and their kids clothes, and of his family, respectively...
2012 - the year of the birth of my granddaughter! was a turning point in my creative search and my focus finally fell in favor of painting. In October 2012 in the regional local lore Museum hosted my first solo exhibition.
Still live in the village Matiashivka Velikobagachansky district, Poltava region. Work in the village gogolevo. By a twist of fate - for 22 years in the educational field - teaching circle "Young Artist" from the regional House of Creativity. ( 9 km), had to go - in different ways- on foot, by hitchhiking,...by bike, by train....... depending on weather conditions . It gives a lot of new experiences and emotions...
I love his family, and his already adult children. Love your work, especially your smallest students who are just beginning to discover their talents. Many of my students have grown and now take their children..
I love different types of art. Learn many new techniques. Draw for the soul and from the heart... landscapes, portraits, still lifes, friendly cartoons, fantasy stories .We also deal in wall painting... and home....
My works are –
- PGT. Hoholeve d/ y "rainbow".
- Odessa cafe bar "Kozatski rozvagi",
- V. Yaresko, Poltava region tour. complex "Mysliwska farmstead",
My assistants in my work - simple and colored pencils , pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, paper, cardboard, canvas, brushes, palette knife and non-traditional materials and boundless flight of fancy..
Learn to paint with my granddaughter and doing Amateur photography...
Take part in the annual creative exhibitions of the district and region... Have certificates and diplomas . publication in the local newspaper "Ridnyi Krai".
Personal exhibitions:
2012 - SMT . Great Bagachka Poltava Museum of local Lore.
2013 - Odessa local history Museum .
2013 - PGT . Great Bagachka Poltava Museum of local Lore.
2016 - Odessa.Poltava region exhibition of works. Museum/ David Guramishvili
The annual regional exhibition of the village.Great Bagachka,Poltava region:
2012 -2016, p.-exhibition "Barvi Velykobagachanska"
Exhibitions, competitions, festivals.
2012. Chernyakivka chutivs'kyi R-n, exhibition-contest "Krasa" Ocean talent" prize. M. Bashkirtsevoy.-diploma of II degree
2013. Chernyakivka chutivs'kyi R-n, Exhibition-contest "Krasa" Ocean talent" prize. M. Bashkirtsevoy,- the diploma of II degree
2014 - Poltava "Poltavskiy regional festival of artists - Amateurs them. Gregory Ksenzov" -gallery of arts. N. Yaroshenko
2017 - Participant of all-Ukrainian Festival of Easter eggs Folk Ukraine #585 of Artists ,Kiev.
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