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Grigorievich Saiko

Belarus • Barysaw • born in 1991 • artist
Sayko, Vladimir G. was born 12 August 1991 in the town of Valozhyn, Minsk region. He was of the same drawing ability that suddenly turned into admiration, and later in the meaning of life ...
In 2007 he entered in the "Republican College of arts named after Akhremchik I. V." (the direction of easel painting), which he successfully graduated in three years.
In 2010 he joined the faculty of easel painting mgahi of V. I. Surikov in Moscow.
In 2011 transferred to the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Department of easel painting (workshop of V. P. Maslennikova).
He studied in the workshops Baranovskaya, E. A. (Minsk), A. G. Kuznetsov (Moscow)
and Maslennikova, V. P.( Minsk)
Since 2007, actively, almost annually, to arrange a personal exhibition of paintings and drawings, participates in Republican and international exhibitions in Belarus and abroad. At the moment, his account has 14 solo, 7 national and international, about 35 various joint exhibitions. Since 2009 takes part in numerous radio and TV programs, the theme of which was art, since 2009 was the repeated main character in the magazine" birch", youth newspaper "Morning", "Evening Minsk" and other publications. Since 2009 began to book graphics and designed many collections of poetry ( "the Descendants", "the Rebel", "the Chosen one", etc.) At the publishing house "Four quarters" and "Belprint" (Minsk). Participated in master classes held by the Fund of the Union State of Belarus and Russia on support of talented youth in 2009 in Moscow (class of Professor Sirenko A. S.). From 2012 to 2014 is a teacher of painting, drawing and composition in which he founded an art Studio "painting mood" on the basis of CDD and M "ART", Minsk. From 2014 to 2015-teacher of special disciplines in the school of arts "ARTTESSschool" (Minsk).
In 2015, he established a private Art Studio painting, drawing and composition, Vladimir Sayko in the village of Zhazhelka Smolevichi district. In 2017, the Studio was reorganized a year-round open-air workshop. In 2016, the painter in the composition of the youth public Association "MWPC the country."
In March 2016 in the hall of the National historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus under the lens of the three national channels and seven different Republican Newspapers took place a presentation of the largest in the last hundred years battle paintings dedicated to Narotski offensive during the First world war on the territory of Belarus, by Vladimir Sayko. The picture is "Siberian arrows" oil on canvas 170Х 310, dedicated to the newborn son of Stephen. ( beginning of March 2016 a private screening of the paintings in the oval room of the Museum of the great Patriotic war, in the international conference devoted to the 100 anniversary of NNO RIA, April - December 2016 - is exhibiting paintings at the State Museum of military history of Belarus)
Vladimir Saiko helped organize and open at the moment 7 6 personal and joint exhibitions for her students.
In 2015, the company, BELPI in D. Jagielka Vladimir Saiko created an eponymous art gallery.
Since 2014 - member of the Association of artists "Awakening", whose main task of a traveling exhibition on the territory of Belarus and neighboring countries. The artists named above enterprises has opened more than 20 exhibitions in cities such as Svisloch, Pruzhany, Lida, Turov, Mozyr and other remote from the capital of the Republic of Belarus.
In 2015 founded upon community of artists "Awakening" section for young artists, for their students, participating in exhibitions next to adult artists or independently from them under a separate logo. The doors opened for more than 4 exhibitions of emerging artists.
2015 active member of the creative Studio "Weltall" which operates in the Metropolitan region and poses a major task for the preservation of cultural heritage of Belarus, and Patriotic education of our youth in this context. Arranged over 3 projects.
2016 is in the club of historical reconstruction "Frontier" (Brest) as a painter of battle scenes. Close friends from the club participated in the international conference and reconstruction during the First World war in Skoki, near Brest (Dec 2015), where he wrote a series of studies directly from nature on the battlefield.
From 2015, taking an active part in the jury of various national and international competitions of painting, drawing and decorative arts, held on the basis of large private institutions (the international educational club Global Child 2015-2016, Minsk) and the state museums ( State Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich, the Republican contest "My tune", dedicated to the memory of F. Bogushevich, 2016, Minsk,in the composition of the jury together with the head of the Belarusian Union of artists Sytnytsya G. S.), and more.Dr.
In 2016, was a collection of "Great European war" at the heart of which lay the materials of historical-scientific conference, held in Skoki, near Brest, December 2015. In this edition of the report placed painter V. G. Saiko "the Great war in art at the present stage".
In 2016 released the album " Hand masterfu a Master's hand ( the Work of artists of Minsk region)" Minsk, Publishing house "Zvezda", which was presented four major historical and battle painter works, the artist became the youngest author whose paintings were placed in such a large publication created by the order and financial support of Minsk regional Executive Committee.
Works of Vladimir Sayko is included in the collections of the international organization for the conservation of cultural heritage of UNESCO (Centre Louis Francois, Trois, France), the Presidential library of the Republic of Belarus, State Museum of history of Belarusian literature, Minsk State public library named after Yanka Kupala, the Belarusian State House of friendship, Pruzhany Palace Museum, Luganskom manor and Palace complex of the Sapieha family (laid the Foundation of the collection), the Leeds historical Museum, Oshmiany local lore Museum (founded gallery dedicated to the life and activities of F. Ruszczyc), Volkovysk regional history Museum named after P. I. Bagration Myadel Museum, Uzda regional Museum, Slonim Museum of local lore (founded gallery dedicated to the life and work of M. K. oginskiy), the Smorgon Museum of local lore, Logoisk historical Museum, Volozhin regional Museum, the Museum-estate of V. F. Ruszczyc in Bagdanava, Svisloch regional Museum, Mozyr region Museum, Turov Museum, a collection of club of historical reconstruction "Frontier"; as well as private collections of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland, China, Italy, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Bavaria, Turkmenistan, Iran, South Africa, USA, Canada, Ecuador and many other countries. The creation of imagery and feelings in the work - the main task, which the artist has set before itself from the very first moment I picked up a pencil. And if the audience will feel it in the artist's work and understand its appeal, it will make her happy ...
Vladimir G. Saiko works in easel painting and graphics, wall murals. In the genres of historical, battle, social, picture, portrait, still life and landscape.
Works in Minsk and Borisov.
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