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Evgenievich Ulan

Russia • Moscow • born in 1949 • artist, collector
Was born in 1949. ULAN-UDE. Link mother from Moscow. Buryatia. Moving with parents to Moscow. Then to Kharkov. Grandma Dori, the Share of French, a relative of gala - wife of Dali. The beginning of the hood. education in children. Studio. Then, The Center. det. hood. school. Repin. Then hood. school. Then The Leningrad Higher. Hood. Prom. school. Stieglitz. Moving to Moscow. Marriage. Tatiana Tarasova. Niece Nar. artist of the USSR Ksenia Tarasova. A small theatre. Musician. Worked as the chief artist of the all-Union Association AUSTERVILLE, Combine the monumental CI. art, publishing, foreign publishing, the international Union of artists of the RSFSR. Influenced by the famous Kharkov avant-garde YERMILOVA from his youth was fond of experiments in painting. Underground exhibition of avant-garde works in Leningrad. In Moscow - participation in the famous exhibitions in the basement on the MALAYA Gruzinskaya 28. 1975-1989. The organizer of the world famous group "the WORLD of PAINTING". 1984. Albums, films about the work of the group. Center. tel of the USSR. Solo exhibitions 70-80 years: Volkhonka 13. 1976. The defeat of the exhibition by the police. Institute for High energies. 1978. Malaya Gruzinskaya 28. 1982. RYABOV gallery. 1985. Gallery "DIZAR" Shalva Krikheli. 1986. International exhibition Center. Seladang. Austria. Win at auction and VIENNA. 1988. Moving to WARSAW. 1989. The invitation of the gallery "ARTEX". 2 years of work. The acclaimed solo exhibition at the gallery. Moving to ENGLAND. 1990. An invitation from the dealership and gallery "ODLON ARTS". Workshop in the attic in the "bedroom" TUMBRIDGE-WELLS. The Palace of Princess NATALIA GOLITSYNA. 3 years in ENGLAND. Solo exhibitions: City gallery CAMBRIDGE, "ALPINE GALLERY" LONDON, ROY MILSA Gallery LONDON, Gallery "TORNADO" HASTINGS Theatre. Exhibition center SAN FRANCISCO, MUSEUM of UKRAINIAN ART, NEW YORK. Buyers of work: PRINCESS DIANA, RUDOLF NUREYEV, malermeister MICHAEL EAGLE, RADIOST.BBC, PRINCESS GOLITSYN, THE UKRAINIAN MUSEUM. ART, private collectors of ENGLAND AND AMERICA. Moving to Russia. 1994. The organizer of the MUSEUM of the MOSCOW ANDEGRUNDA. 1996. SVIBLOVO. Krator more than 20 EXHIBITIONS in the EXHIBITION CENTER DOKUKINA 3. HISTORIC SOLO EXHIBITION AT C. D. H. 1996. The best hall. CURATOR V. P. ZELTNER. Dir. CA. division C. D. H. FUROR. SOLD out. A FILM ABOUT THE WORK OF EDWARD LANCER. Dir. LYUDMILA SPIRIDONOVA. SHOOTING IN ENGLAND AND MOSCOW. CENTRAL TELEVISION. 1998 member of the famous exhibitions "CREATIVE Fund of RUSSIA". The trip to SPAIN. 2000. Exhibition in the gallery "SAMMER". MARBELLA. 2010. On a trip to Hungary and Austria. THE EXHIBITION IN THE GALLERIES OF BUDAPEST AND VIENNA. GALLERY "THURNHOFER" 2011. The work "go" in collections of AUSTRIA, CHILE, GERMANY. INTERNATIONAL. B. IN VIENNA. INTERNATIONAL. B. IN LONDON. PERSONAL EXHIBITION BUDAPEST. 2015. For his creative life - MORE than 200 exhibitions. Works are in Museum and private collections from ENGLAND to AUSTRALIA. Paintings bought princes of the Orient AND DIPLOMATS of INDIA AND JAPAN. ONLINE LARGE PERSONAL SITE OF EDWARD ULAN "ARTELITE". MORE THAN 20 POPULAR PLAISTOW WITH THE ARTIST'S PAINTINGS. Historical ALBUM "MODERN art of RUSSIA". ENCYCLOPEDIA "CREATIVE FUND OF RUSSIA". Directories 20 exhibitions. THE AUTHOR OF FOUR NOVELS THAT BECAME HITS ON THE INTERNET. THE NOVEL " THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THE MASTER," PUBLISHED IN ENGLAND. CHAPTER FROM THE NOVEL " MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN LONDON," TRANSLATED AND PRINTED IN A POPULAR CANADIAN MAGAZINE "ST PETERSBURG."
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