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Pavlovich Parkin

Russia • Moscow • born in 1949 • artist
Vladimir p. PARKIN
Vladimir P. PARKIN
Russian. He was born on 22 October 1949 in the city of Ulyanovsk.
The citizen of the Russian Federation. In Moscow since 1985.
Education: higher.
A reserve officer.
Member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR, member of the Moscow organization of the Union of Writers of Russia. The main theme of journalistic and literary work – the theme of the heroism of the defenders of the Fatherland.

Today, in the year 2015, Vladimir p. Parkin – winning writer of Russia, whose work is praised by fellow poets, readers of Russia and the Russian Diaspora. His books are popular and in the big world of other countries where Russian people live not only in blood, but in language and spirit, where there is a need of involvement with Russia.

Books by Vladimir P. Parkin allow you to immerse yourself not only in the world of adventures of a Russian officer, Alexander Kudashev, a true patriot, a selfless defender of his Motherland, but also touch to the poetic gift of the author, to read and reread his poems are about love, about separation, about the grief of mothers who survived during the Great Patriotic War of his sons. The theme of patriotism, love of country in his works is invariably intertwined with the great theme of fraternal relations between the peoples of Russia, penetrated even to everyday household things stories spirit of equality of peoples, the spirit of mutual respect of ethnic cultures.

Literary creativity and social activities of the writer, noted:

- Diploma and medal "55 years IHO SP Russia" in 2009;
- Diploma named after A. T. Tvardovsky in 2010;
- Medal of the Cultural center of the armed forces them. M. V. Frunze "hero of the Soviet Union, the writer Vladimir Karpov" in 2013
- Medal "60 years of the IHO SP Russia" in 2014;

Vladimir P. Parkin - winner of the Literary public prize "Best book 2011-2013", awarded with Diploma of IHO Union of Russian Writers and the Literary Republic of the Union of writers-translators with the presentation of a medal named after A. S. Griboedov for the book "the sword and the cross of captain Kudasheva" (1-2) and medal named after M. Lermontov in 2013

Vladimir P. Parkin - winner of the National Award "GOLDEN PEN of RUSSIA" in the category "the Silver Feather of Russia", (10 Oct. 2013);

Vladimir P. Parkin - winner of the "Literary Heritage of Russia" in 2015 with the presentation of Diplomas - "Finalist" and "Winner" medal and International prize "Literary Olympus" (March 25, 2016) with the Diploma "For faithful service, artistic expression, and great light."

Currently, Vladimir p. Parkin pensioner, Veteran of labour. Writes, reads, learns, works.
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