Russia • Novosibirsk • artist, gallery owner

Biography and information

Briefly about the important

I am an artist. This is a big responsibility, but I gladly took it.

My paintings are a new world for you, just like for me. Yes, I create it, but watching it is always exciting.

The artist is a conductor. My faith is the Universe. If I am part of it, then the images of my paintings are symbols of the universe.

Light is important to me: a bright impression, a bright perception. It is important for me to reflect this light in the images of my paintings.

My art is close to everyone. If you are kind, know how to rejoice, be sincerely surprised, learn to love and believe, then the road to the world of my creativity is open to you.

I do not know how many times I incarnated here, but I remembered one thing: art is immortal. It was, is and will be.

And, modestly, I am the hero of my workshop.

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