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Nikitich Krylov

Porfiry Nikitich Krylov (9 (22) August 1902 — 15 may 1990) — Soviet painter and graphic artist, member of the creative team Kukryniksy. People's artist of USSR (1958), member of the Academy of arts of the USSR (1947). Laureate of Lenin (1965), five Stalin (1942, 1947, 1949, 1950, 1951), State prize of the USSR (1975). Hero Of Socialist Labor (1972).
Already in the 1920-ies the wings with equal interest was painting portraits, landscapes, still life and contemporary genre. The motifs of his paintings are simple, but this simplicity of the wings reveals the meaningful subtle beauty that is the beauty of all things, and which can only see a thoughtful look. He sends the thrill of life itself. Even blossoming bouquet of wild flowers Krylov writes in a kind of vortex impulse. He complicates and emphasizes the contrast in pattern and color, however, what unites them is an intense, dense painting.
Over large genre paintings, he worked with his inseparable comrades M. V. Kupriyanov and N. A. Sokolov. Together they made up the famous creative team Kukryniksy and the three of us had a hard journalistic work. Caricature, book illustrations, historical paintings and landscapes — all genres of creative artists marked by brilliant successes.
The art Kukryniksy was critically acclaimed back in the 1930-ies. The key to their triumph was the unity of vision and taste, as well as a great personal friendship. However, the artist has created a lot of independent work, intimate in nature. He traveled and wrote in the open air. His favorite places on the Oka river in the Logs, Kostroma, at the Academic dacha in Abramtsevo, Koktebel. The artist's landscapes reflect his deep sense of nature. It gives importance not only the General atmosphere of the landscape, colour, light, rhythm, but the subject and composition of the image forms the basis of the composition. Beautiful sketches, written in Bulgaria, Italy, France. Krylov is a very soft slide or sharp blows of light at last, the very light and air environment. Extremely fine and picturesque and still life painter.
Works By P. N. Krylov was exhibited at many art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. They are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Art Museum named after P. N. Krylov's Tula, in the Uffizi gallery in Florence, and other foreign museums and private collections.
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