Frederic Kemmerer

Frederick Hendrik Kemmerer (Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer; 23 October 1839, the Hague – April 4, 1902, Paris) was a Dutch painter, working first in the style of romantic classicism, later transformed to the technique of impressionism.
Grew up in the Hague. He studied at the Royal Academy of fine arts and was a pupil of Solomon Leonard Verver, who raised him in the tradition of romanticism. The early work of Kemmerer consist mainly of landscapes in the style of the early Hague school. In 1861, he held his first exhibition in Rotterdam.
In 1865 Kemmerer moved from the Hague to Paris, where he came under the influence of modern art movements. However, to continue his studies, he chose a classical education and apprenticed to Jean-Leon Gerome . He specialized for some time on historical subjects, placed in the situation of the France of the eighteenth century. Success brought him images of elegant ladies, dressed in rich dresses with bows and ribbons, surrounded by gallant men. In 1870, he first participated with his works at the Paris salon, and in 1874 received the medal.
Kemmerer was a Studio in Paris, but he did not forget their homeland. In the spring of 1871 he went for the first time since his departure to France back to Holland and settled in the hotel Zeerust at Scheveningen . Here was made the transition to impressionism. Kemmerer was painting what he saw from the window of your room and the scene on the beach in a free manner with special attention to light and shapes. Detailed study of fabrics and fashion expensive dresses elegant ladies suddenly gave way to fleeting impressions of the soft sand, the changing Dutch sky and a fresh breeze playing with loose items of clothing and hair.
Change the style of Kemmerer received positive reviews from critics. He made a name for himself as a portraitist, especially in Paris. His paintings sold well and had success at exhibitions, both in Paris and in the Netherlands, including in 1893 in Arnhem . In 1889 he won a silver medal at the world exhibition in Paris. In 1902 the artist was enrolled in the prestigious Legion of honor.

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