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Oleksich Malyshko

born in XXI century

Biography and information

I am a veteran of the formation of Kaliningrad is currently creating a workshop for the creation of a Scottish Immortal regiment in new technologies for the next 80,000 years, on the graves of veterans in the style of NEW ALEX MALYSHKO GLAMOUR STYLE 2017 and through new initiatives open workshop of Immortal heroes of past hostilities.Because with expensive art will accessoirespack to collect blagotvoritelnye remedies the basis of WHO CAN SROLL ACCOUNT sbrerbank k/s 63900220 9082425901 8626/1233 maestro c a further report in the organization SUBCO(the Union of Participants of the Revival of the Kaliningrad region) Invalid Oblivion heroes on the eve of the 3rd transnational imperialist War(Nord stream-2).
Make contributions to the Lord as much as they can.
Down with Us imperialist dictates, Janky-stillgestanden! The artist-restorer of the Kaliningrad region Malyshko Oleg Antonovich 29.07. 2017.Down with the Polacks Russophobes ,sneering at Soviet military graves-hold on to them for a visa back capture between nagia.....!
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