Vladimirovich Kozlyuk

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1965 • artist, collector
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Yuri Kozlyuk

“Extraordinary sensuality and emotionality make the painting of Yuri Kozlyuk especially attractive.” —New York Times, July 2003

"I always thought that painting should be beautiful, very beautiful. This, in my opinion, is the essence of the subject. Otherwise, what is the point of it? You will not listen to music if the sound is not pleasant to the hearing. I do not mean that banal prettiness and endless "isms" that the entire modern art market is littered with. It seems to me that in the era of global standardization, only an extraordinary view of things, combined with an exquisite form and individual color perception, make the depicted object a true work of art. zhnym for me is always indifferent attitude to the image, is the "primary" motivation, which absorbs the artist and motivates them to work, to give meaning to the whole creative process, yes, and the life ... "


Kozlyuk Yuri Vladimirovich was born on March 29, 1965 in Leningrad.


He graduated from the painting department of the Zheleznogorsk Art College (May 1987).
Member of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg (March 2000)
Member of the Russian Union of Writers (October 2017)


Silver medal of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR for a series of posters on the freedom of creativity (March 1988)
He was awarded the Mayakovsky Medal for his contribution to modern literature in April 2019.
He was awarded the Pushkin Medal for participating in the anthology of Russian poetry in June 2019.
Professional activity:
Easel painting (portrait, landscape, still life), museum copying, theater poster, decorative painting of the interior, teaching painting.


Autumn exhibition in St. Petersburg Union of Artists (November 1999)
Exhibition accepted in St. Petersburg Union of Artists (February 2000)
Moscow International Art Salon in Moscow (March 2000)
Spring Exhibition St. Petersburg CX (November 2000)
Exhibition "Moscow-Petersburg", Manege, Moscow (December 2000)
Spring Exhibition St. Petersburg CX (2001)
V International Art Fair at the Central House of Artists in Moscow (May 2001)
Autumn exhibition of St. Petersburg CX (November 2001)
Exhibition "70 years of St. Petersburg CX" (July 2002)
Spring Exhibition St. Petersburg CX (2006)
Exhibition "75 years of St. Petersburg Union of Artists" Manege (2008)
"Christmas Exhibition" in the Manege (January 2009)
Exhibition dedicated to the year of France in Russia, St. Petersburg Union of Artists (July 2010)
Autumn exhibition of St. Petersburg CX (November 2010)
Exhibition "80 years of St. Petersburg Union of Artists" Manege (June 2012)
Exhibition "Still Life. Revival of the genre" at the Art Box Art Center in Moscow (August 2019)
Exhibition "Autumn 2019. Capital Seasons" at the Art Box Art Center in Moscow (November 2019)
Exhibition "Autumn 2019" in St. Petersburg Agricultural Union (November 2019)
Exhibition "Spring 2020. Capital Seasons"

Personal exhibitions:

Kochubey Palace in Pushkin (October 1997)
"Blue living room" St. Petersburg CX (September 2001)
Gallery of the Exhibition Center St. Petersburg CX (June-July 2004)

About creativity

Yuri Kozlyuk, born in Leningrad, but spent his childhood and youth in the city of Berdichev, in Ukraine - the birthplace of his father, where his vision and perception of the world as an artist was formed. The early impressions of Ukraine’s saturated colors of nature were reflected in further creativity, which is characterized by intense colors, expression of color and light. As the author himself says, the “initial motivation” of his works always comes from observations and impressions from nature. The early works of the painter are very lyrical and sentimental. They feel the desire of the artist to reflect the transience of what he saw and leave his impression on the canvas. (paintings "Walk", "Rose of the poet", "Samzara"). Soft lyricism and a touching attitude towards nature will become the main leitmotif of his work during plein airs in Crimea (1990-1994). In the Crimean period, such paintings as “Yard”, “Breakfast”, “Rock”, “Palms”, “ Beach "and others.

It must be said that Yuri never limited his pictorial searches to an open-air. Such paintings as “Still Life with Phlox”, “Eastern Still Life”, “Dessert”, “Southern Still Life”, “Ambre”, “Terrace” are of a pronounced decorative character. By combining plein air and decorative approach in his work, the artist creates in his canvases a very expressive coloristic emotional environment, his own unique world, whether it is a terrace depicted by him, or a park in the suburbs of Petersburg, or an island in Tsaritsyno, or sunflowers and gardens in the city of his work ...

Since 1997, Yuri has been living and working in St. Petersburg, developing his skills. But constantly returning to the origins of his work, he writes “Little Russian motifs” so that looking at the clouds in his paintings, it seems that a dreamy crest at his hut is letting them out of his pipe, like rings of smoke ...

Agnes sitenson,
(researcher of the author of paintings)


The artist's works are in private collections in the USA, France, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia.
In particular: in the collections of the Tsaritsyno State Reserve Museum, SIA International pharmaceutical company (Moscow), Elena Marks (USA), D. Aliyev (Lukoil, Moscow), N. Kudryavtseva (Norilsk Nickel, Moscow) and etc.

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