Anatolyevich Konovalov

Ukraine • Kiev • artist

Biography and information

Born in 1965 in New bug, Ukraine. Studied DGHU them. Vuchetich (1983-86), NAAA (1986-93). Lives and works in Kiev.
A member of the art commune "Squat on olegovskaya str."
The author of the "Fictitious Gallery Expedition"

Exhibition activities since the late eighties. In the mid-nineties, opened a large-scale cultural project FGE (Fiction Gallery Expedition). The project lasted more than ten years. Under the leadership of Konovalov was created "hill of art", in which the action took place and construction of "magnetic" objects on the hills in the city of Kiev. - The attraction of people to the so-called hills on different objects, create the communicative process of sharing flow of human. Unlike "public art" there are different kind of legends, charges groups for meditation, travel stop or just walking. The project was made by Ukrainian artists creative commune "Squat on olegovskaya street". The main question of Igor Konovalov is communication. This and the creation of a real in life and to this day available points, and the reflection of observations in painting.
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