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Biography and information

Eureka! Jungle
Tolstov Vladimir Leonidovich
(artist, writer)

niworld.com/anizatropnoe highway
Myadelart.blogspot.com.by first mail art of Belarus
Gagarin55.blogspot.com.by Kaluga_mail art. Gagarin project

I was born on August 25, 1960 in the city of Kovdor of the Murmansk region
My first film “Mammoth” was shown on Murmansk television in 1971.
From 1972 to 1975 I drew about 50 comic strips on fantastic stories.
Since 1978 he studied in Leningrad.
Received higher education, Art Studio LISI in 1983
I consider my teachers to be the poet of Minsk, the artist,
philosopher Alexei Zhdanov \ 1948-1993 \ and Petersburg artist and graphic artist Vladimir Yashka (Mitka group)
In St. Petersburg from 1978 to 1989
On April 15, 1985, in the workshop of Vladimir Yashka, I chose for myself the Alias name Evrika! Junglle (which in itself is unusual for Soviet Time), which automatically became Nick when the Internet appeared (Perhaps one of the first in the USSR)
Since 1993 Member of the International Art Fund. Moscow
Since 1989, working with molten plastic, oil, mixed media, graphics.
1991-1994-publication in the Moscow cultural newspaper “Humanitarian Foundation” of the All-Union Humanitarian Foundation named after Pushkin.
1993 - the Creator of the Anmanora Almanac in which they take part
Igor Kholin-Vladimir Sorokin-Lev Krapivnitsky-Vladimir Yashke-Dmitry Avaliani-Olga Zyryanova-Boniface-Willy Melnikov-Vladimir Grafin-Nikolai Vechtomov-Vitaly Chernobrisov-Kiril Garnisov-Natta Konysheva.
Since 1996, the basis of creativity is the use of non-traditional
until recently, non-familiar structures of various styles and eras.
Since 1998, the artist of the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda is a section of combinatorial poetry of VERBlud together with Dmitry Avaliani and Mikhail Krushinsky.
1998. The beginning of the project of the Protaventa dedicated to the Neznakami Proto-Mexico
1998 Creation of Terminology and Direction "Arkhodelika" -Use of the New Signed and Phonetic space in the Fine Art based on the Ancient Languages.
2002-2003.art-poet-trio "August 43rd km" (DEE Avaliani, Willy Melnikov, V. “Eureka! Jungle” Tolstov). Creating the album of the trio “August 1 + 5 + 11 + 25” ( dates of birth of participants)
Joint work with Dmitry Avaliani on listerings, palindromes, anagrams.
Participant of about 500 exhibitions of mail art in Russia and abroad.
2002. Founder of the non-profit socio-cultural formation "RUSFORM"
Each participant of "RUSFORM" had a numerical serial number and could issue their work anonymously.

From 2003 to 2014.
Permanent publications in the almanac "The Draft" dedicated to the New Visual. Articles and series: "Prolenta" №18,
“Field Utopias” No. 20 “Multi-Level and Destructive Texts” - Black 21, “Chronos Mutations” –Draft 21, No. 22 “Squares”, “Cryptographic Mechanics of Zoomorphs”

1997 Boniface "Poems" St. Petersburg Red Sailor. Mitya. Fig. E. Jungle 44 p.
1997 Boniface the Fowler (stronghold-idea). - Kazan, 1997. - 20 p. Fig. Eureka Jungle. Palindrome chlobert. "Recommended for secondary schools as a dictation with reverse spelling check"
Figley-Migli magazine Moscow.
1997. The project "Ecology" with Ivan Bran. Written on the Glagolitsa.
Publications Journal Wild Field №6-№9 excerpts from the autobiographical book of Donetsk
2006 “Mailbox No. 3” almanac is dedicated to Mail art Moscow
Publications of poetry under Nick Jasha Planer (PLANER). Kaluga project.
2016 book of poems and graphics Yasha Planer "Dreams for dolls" Part 1 G. Kaluga ed. "Friedhelm"

Exhibitions. (Optional)

The exhibition at the Center for Aesthetic Education, together with Igor Yermakov. Kuznetsky Bridge. Moscow.

Gallery "Moscow Palette". Melbourne.
gallery "Inter" exhibition "Crazy". Moscow

October Gallery "Inter" Manege "Art Myth-2" Moscow.
November gallery "Inter" catalog and exhibition "Power and ..." Moscow.

exhibition action "Non-verbal communications" Theater Luny.Moskva.

Verb scroll and unfamiliar..Ekloga.

Beginning of the Brain cell Project by Ryosuke Cohen. Osaka Japan.

LeManchot. Amsterdam. Holland
Wipe. Geelong Australia
Aug 14 Lubbock Fine Arts Center .Texas.US

3-28 Feb. "TOTEM" Oasis gallery. Washington. USA.
May 2-15. "Non-verbal communications-2" gal. "Screen". Moscow.RF.
30 Sep Fantasy-the last refuge. Pisa.Italy
May 16-28. "A + R + T = Freedom of Thought" Saletta Kinzica gallery. Pisa. Italy.
"Temporary Quarters" .Berkeley Public Library. Berkeley. USA.
august "The impenitent sausage machine" ISSUE gallery. Wals. England.
July 22-22. "Ruska Neoavangard". Muse with timeliness. Belgrade. Yugoslavia.
November. "The ARTFULL SNAIL" The Shopping Troley gallery. Beckengem .. England.

January. "Family 2000" Garcia Pedro gallery. Belgium
May. "N 2 O" Nordo gallery. Oslo. Norway.
Apr 30 Abstraction. Pisa .Italy
May. Nobody is a Stranger. Vaprio Adda. Italy
August. "Ireland Today". Claremorris gallery. Westport. Ireland.
September 23-Oct 31 "Nest" Tosh gallery.US.
1-15 oct. "Ruska Neoavangard". 'Ruska neoavangarda' "Russian Neovangard" Srecna galerija Novi Sad., Belgrade. Yugoslavia.
June 30th Arte Totale. Pistoia. Italy
October. "Cancer & the Environment" WCRCgallery. Minneapolis, United States.
1-31 oct. "Transformation through reading" Chapin Memorial.Myrtle Beach. USA.
Oct. "Fetishart" Leather Pride Week.Victoria. Australia.
From Dec 16 "Arte Postal hacia el nuevo millenium" gallery "MUFI" .Oaxaca.Mexika.
Dec 31.The Jas Millenium Project.Vankuver.Canada
Dec.Hope for the Millenium.US

January. "Cross of the Earth". Awarded Diploma Museo de arte Contemporaneo. Santiago. Chile.
Dec.1999-Jan.2000 "Millenium-Strange days". Pistoia. Italy.
Apr POSTcards. Napoli. Italy
Feb. 29. Women and the Millennium. Berkeley, United States
30 Apr.The Drop of Sea.Vernazza.Italy
March 11th Abicalypse. Mingeroffen Germany
December "Di segni di sogni '' No. 62. Milan. Italy.
2000''Emozioni zin ''. Torino. Italy.
July 15 Red Fox. Echnernakh. Luxenburg
Aug 31 Therapist seeking. Pensacola, United States
Dec 15 Cuidad de Vigo. Buenos Aires. Argentina
"All about the fox" Hildesheim. Germany.
c July 10, "Beard-Pogonotrophy". Rathcool gardens. London, England.
Center Siberian Nova Kultura "Scheme2000". Kemerovo. RF.
1 Oct "Paesaggio passaggio '' Appignano. Italy.
Apr "Cat around the map" National club. "Olimpia. London. UK.

May 25 Moscow Fine Art "Sewerage" Moscow.
May 31st La Fortuna. Fano. Italy
Luna Poetica. Switzerland.
"A Field Study" Vancouver. Canada.
Apr 30 Continua. Vaprio D-Adda. Italy
Aug 15 - Sep 5 Heads Suffolk. England
Aug 25-Sep 9 "Quiliano: INTERVENTI IMMAGINARY" Quiliano. Italy.
June 24 - July 16 "Le garage: aurent a dizans''gallery boulevard Bouche. Forcalquier. France.
20 Sep Jeju. Jeju South Korea
The Slavic Soul. Quebec. Canada
Nov. 30 Alter the City Map. La Plata. Argentina
Nov. 30 L'Artotheque. Premiesel. France
Dec Games and Plays. Krakow. Poland
Dec The Garden. Napoli. Italy

Jan Umani in Afganistan. Spilimbergo.Italy
March 10-19 Big Olimpia Art Parad-26 Salon. Padru.Italy
14 Sep Art Mekka Minden. Minden Germany
March 15th Cornucopiae. Veerde Belgium
Apr 1 In mirror. Schoten. Belgium
Apr Il pittore e la modella. Milan. Italy
May 21st. Le Verbe. Laudier France
June Message in a Bottle. NewMechico.US
Aug Freedom & Prison. Florianópolis. Brazil
Aug 31 Packing List. Heule Belgium
Love Poetry. Richensart. Belgium
Feb 28 The Art of Poetry. Pinyans. France
Dec 1 Gutenberg. Malaga. Spain
May 31. The Worries of old money. Foley Italy
Dec Pied Pipes of Today. Berlin-Hamelin. Germany
May 5 - July 15 Bezdomnie Albert galeria. Krakow. Poland

Dec Living. Leiden. Holland
March 25 Immigrazione. Milan. Italy
Dec 5-Jan 10, 2004. Caposvar-Oradea. Kaposvar Poland
ong. Erik Satie. Byuva. France
15 Sept. – 25 Oct. Paris Fantasmes. Paris, France
ong. MetissART. Jodone. Belgium

Dec 31 OVO.Sperm. Portland.US
Dec Hats. Heule. Belgium
Dec Eroticart. Monza.Italy
June The City of Ceuta. Keuta. Spain
Oct 15 Good evil Koln
Apr Mouse -Age. Berlin
24 Sep In the Fourth Dimension. Budapest, Hungary

July 31st. Messages for Peace. Karachi.Pakistan
The Pierre Boulez project. Austin.USA.
Apr 15 Libri D'Artista. Savona. Italy
Apr 30 Psyche. Genoa. Italy
Feb 1 Infinity. Harvard University. Cambridge. USA.
Feb 28 El Quijote y Extremadura. Arroyo. Spain.
July. Self-portret. Seville. Spain
Red Letters. State Marys City.US.
Feb 15 V-day. Irving. USA
Apr Stamparama. Glebe.Australia
30 June. The Box. Fanyano Olona Varese. Italy
Feb. Bike Mania. San Remo. Italy
June 30 The Earth Charter. Brussels, Belgium
July 30 Civilta D'EUROPA. Crispiano. Italy
May 14. When I could ciment Hope. Quebec. Canada.
March 28 Dali's Mustache. Brazil
July 23, The End Axel. Netherlands

Apr 15 Trevel. Fonteny. France
Apr Midnight Cow. Flostoy. Belgium
8 Apr Zappa is back. Milan. Italy
June The Sea Faro.Portugal
March 31 Mud Flap Girl Avon.US

... ... and further 2007-2013 ... more than 200 exhibitions ... ..

24 Dec-20 Jan Fluxus Gallery Belka & Strelka
Taganrog Russia
February 8 MinXus-Lynxus Who Has the Best Hair Contest
New York, USA
Feb 12.DAME portrait gallery Corner Brook, New Faceland, Canada
February 6-27 Secretaria da Cultura Casa Das Rosas
Sao paulo brazil
March 8 UNE FEMME EN COLERE-AN ANGRY WOMAN Shoni Chauny department Picardy Northern France
March 19th Museo de la Ciudad de San Fernando - Ituzaingo 1053.
San Fernando. Spain
May 30, El Taller Treize Gallery, Ille-sur-Those. France
SHAKESPEARE 450 Shakespeare 450 years
May 1 Novosibirsk
April 25 BUILD THE FUTURE - Mail Art Call
Oeiras: Country Portugal, Lisbon District
Apr 30 ANOS 1973-2013
Curator: Clement Padin Montevideo. Uruguay
July 30 MailArt-Associazione Culturale Il Castello. Piazza D'annunzio RovereItaly
March 27, Oliveira de Azemeis Portugal
town of Bairro Santa Teresa, Brazil
April 30 FEED THE PLANET Alphen Chaam & The Museum Instant Image Shaam Nederlandy.
March 22 Artistamps: i francobolli di Kipple Officina Libraria
Dedication to Francis Bacon Greece
February 14-16, Ex Postal Facto 2014
SFCB Gallery San Francisco USA
March 21 Worldwide Harbors
Quenquen Buenos Aires Argentina
Ein Wertpapier als sein statt schien
Germany -US 2014
Oct 2013 - May 2015 ARTdemocracy Thinking and Action KunstDemokratieEuro
Berlin, Germany
March 29 Pensamientos Libres Museo de la Ciudad de San Fernando San Fernando, Spain
June Queens of the Sea Mermaids Galerie le Lab Marseille France
1 Oct-1 Nov. Focus Latin America Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix USA
Nov 15 I dream Of Incline Gallery San Francisco
November 1 Color World Color my World Epikentro Art Gallery Patras Greece
November 12 NO More Fukushima- Montevideo Uruguay-France-Argentina
Dec 31 CocinArte Recipes Artists Buenos Aíros Argentina


1. Museum-No museum 30 september Charleroi Belgium
2. 3nd InteRNATIONAL mailart project 27 mart Pindelo Portugal
3. Natureza Rio Grande Brazil 20 april
4. Pieter Bruegel november The Museum Instant Image Pays Bas Nederlands
5. Crossing Borders 15 07 Munchen Germany
6. No Expo 2015 31 10 Milano Italy
7. Deep Cover 10 12 MiddleTown USA
8. Identity Jawa Barat Indonesia
9. Criameros 30 04 Luzde Tavira Portugal
10. Antarktida Tierra Del Fuego Argentina
11. Mountain of the Myth 30 08 Catania Italia
12. Run 5 La Corsa 30 jun Milano Italy
13. Lo que El Del Ve 20 apr Aroyo de los Rey Argentina
14. Edificando 15 jun Italy
15. Passing the Flame 31 jul Victoria Canada
16. Food and craft beers 30 jun Oakland USA
17. Wooman Fashion 15 jul Paraguay
18. New York City 4 jul North Liberty USA
19. Roanoke Festival 27 june USA
20. 1985-2015 30 Brain Cell 1 jul Guilry France
21. Showing Me Home 31 05 Burgorf Germany
22. Festa Della Natura 30 june Accetura Italia
23. The Tower of Babel (Bruegel-Bosch) 31 06 Pays Bas Nederlands
24. Donazione 10 August Citadella del Capo Italia
25. Homage To Pig DADA 31 dec Pietra Terme Italy
26. Aqua y Vida 3 august Caba Argentina
27. Starry Night 27 may Cullera Spain
28. New York Big Apple 31 december NY USA
29. Garbage september Nova Gorica Slovenia
30. Resist 10 jun Athens Greece
31. Juguetes 25 Sept Entre Rios Argentina
32. Vinculos Amorosos En La Posmodernidad 30 oct Argentina
33. Oriente Express Dinslaken Germany
34. Recuerdo 25 jun Chubut Argentina
35. Almandrade 18 jun Salvador Bahia Brasil
36. E-Art 6 dec Civitanova Marche Italy
37. Le Singe 31 08 Tolouse France
38. Pompei September 30 Pompei Italy
39. Poiesis 31 aug Rio De Janeiro Brazil
40. Utopics oct Kassel Germany
41. Frederich Ruckert 31 dec Schweinfurt Germany
42. FEAC 31 oct Franca Brazil
43. Ways to pass the time 31 dec Hanover USA
44. EArt 6 dec Civitanova Marche Italy
45. Recompensa Postal 30 oct Morro Reuter Brazilia
46. World Association of Visual and Experimental Artists 25 oct Valjevo Serbia
47. Life in XIX Centuri 31 oct Faenza Italia
48. Caro Amico Ti Scrivo 13 nov Prato Italy
49.Contrasts 31 dec Oldenburg Germany
50. Ray * s Birthday 16 oct New York USA
51. lE Nuvole Aristofan 15 nov Saronno Italy
52. Art Mart 25 nov Fredericksburg USA
53. Send It Forward 31 dec Maia Portugal
54. Alien Life 31 dec Melbourne Australia
55. Cats 30.11 Shondorf Germany
56. Leone Rosso Venezia Italy
57. Insurrection of the Dwarfs 20.10 Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine
58. TraSSShArt 20.10 Gouda The Nederlands
59. Anything Goes EveryThing Shows 17.10 USA
60. White Silence 31 dec Dolj Romania
61.Re-Minder Destroed box 31 dec Ventabren France
62.Tierishes und menschliches 31 dec Moeglinger Germany
63.Demonstrative 31 Dec Bridgewater USA
64.Hummingbird & Selfportrait 31 dec Los Angeles USA
65.The Beach 31 Dec Fareham England


1.No More Power Plant-Fukushima-Chernobyl Uruguay-France-Argentina 1 jan 2016
2.Japan Architectura and Colligrafia 1.01 16 Toulouse France
3.First Antarctic Mail Art project 14.02 16 Beingshausen Russian Station - Punta Arenas Chile
4.Is there no justice? 30 jun 2016 Baltimore USA
5.Bocksbeutel / frankishe weinflasche. Neudlingen Germany 2016
6. Masks / Maskaras 15 = 01 = 2016 Porto Portugal
7.Touch 01/01/2016 Lisboa Portugal
8.Amo Vivere il Futuro-open Colturano
9.Art zine Kastration 30 jan Milan Italy
10.De arte Coreo Poesia Visual 24 march Buenos Aires Argentina
11.Masculine Violence 25 february Eril Siddet-Besiktas, Turkue
12.Kassete format 30 jan Zurich Germania
13.Frida Kahlo-Open- Ensersdorf Austria
14.Senior 31 jan Porto Portugalia
15.Secret -open-North Liberty-usa
16.Sea Glass Fest-12 march-Santa Barbara -USA
17.Romy Schneider-Open-Enzersdorf-Austria
18.Mujeres Emblematicas LatinAmerican Woman-1 march General Pacheco Argentina
19.Meal Art -15 march Budapest Hungaria
20. Maskaras-masks 15 jan Porto-portugalia
21.Laponie-Lapland 28 febr Corgoloin France
22.Gelenek 19 march Tekirdag Turkue
23.Stones-OPen-North Liberty- Usa
24.Studio 12-15 may Chatearoux France
25.Psych Out Fanzine-Genova-Italia
26.Confidencias Mudas Tudella Navarra Espana
27.Dadaism Valjevo Serbia
28.International Year of Light Coimbra Portugalia
29.MYA Viareggio Italia
30.Peace & Love Coimbra Portugalia
31.The War Cosenza Italia
32.War + free Open pORTH mOUTH UK
33.Natureza Motra November Santa Maria Brazil
  • Styles of art
    Symbolism, Surrealism
  • Techniques
  • Art forms
    Painting, Fresco
  • Subjects
    Genre scene, Fantasy, Animalism, Mythological scene
  • Artistic associations