van Kleve

Netherlands • 1480−1540

Joos van Cleve, real name van der Beck (Joos van der Beke, Joos van Cleve date of birth is unknown, presumably Wesel — 1540-41, Antwerp), was a Dutch painter.


The first mention of Joos van Cleve refers to 1511, when he was admitted to the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke. Prior to this Joos van Cleve studied with Jean Jost van Kalkara together with the Senior Bartolomeus Brain. He is considered one of the most active artists of his time. About his stay in France is documented in his paintings and the post of painter at the court of Francis I. There is evidence that Jos a trip to Italy.

The main works of Joos van Cleve — two altar depicting the assumption of the virgin (now in Cologne and Munich), previously attributed to unknown artist the Master of the life of Mary.

Jos van Cleve relates to the artists and the novelists. In his techniques of soft shading of volumes feels the echo of the effect of sfumato, Leonardo da Vinci. However, many significant sides of his work he is strongly connected with the Dutch tradition.

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