Germany • 1917−1943
Charlotte Salomon (it. Charlotte Salomon; 12 APR 1917, Berlin – 10 October 1943, Auschwitz) – the artist of Jewish origin, who became a victim of the Holocaust. Before he lost his mom committed suicide (and another 7 immediate relatives) experienced difficulties with the admission and training in art schools of Berlin in connection with the introduction of them "Jewish quota" after coming to power of the Nazis. During the war hiding in France, where he created a cycle of paintings in expressionist style. At the age of 26 years gets to Auschwitz, where she almost immediately sent into the chamber for a six-month pregnancy to doing the hard work.

Features the creative work of artist Charlotte Salomon: Trying to survive a nervous breakdown and not to give in to the impulse to settle scores with life, a few months before death in a concentration camp created an unparalleled work of modern art. A series of almost 800 gouache paintings "Life? Or theatre?" on the leaves of the album format, tells the story about the biography of the artist in a comic, sarcastic and tragic tonalities. Salomon included in the cycle translucent drawings with text intended to overlay the corresponding drawings, and comments about the musical accompaniment works, which was given the subtitle ‘Ein Singspiel’ – a German sub-genre in the performing arts, including song fragments and recitative.
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