Mikhailovich Bakharev

born in 1944

Biography and information

Modern painter. Born in 1944 in Vyshny Volochek in Tver region. In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow higher art-industrial school (formerly. Stroganov) and arrived in Ivanovo – a city with a powerful avant-garde past. Internally free and self-sufficient artist was in opposition to the official art. Bakharev has become one of the most powerful "other" artists of the Soviet province. As a teacher of art school, he had great authority and nurtured several generations of alternative youth.

Painting and graphics of V. bahareva from different periods, wooden sculpture radiate energy high artistic and philosophical tension. A three-year stay in China blew up a creative paradigm wizard by opening the new reality and a new painting. He taught at the Ivanovo art school (1973-1999), at the University of science and culture of the city Chun TSYN, China (2005-2008).Works are in collections of the Ivanovo regional art Museum, Tver art gallery, Yaroslavl art Museum, University of science and culture of the city of Chun-TSYN (China), as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, UK, China.

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