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His main partner became the printing house of Lemercier, one of the best in Paris. Datsiaro sent to France drawings there, on the spot, literaturanalyse masters working on Lemer-ciers. That's why, as stated in background art publication, "the question of authorship of the originals dzialowski lithographed editions have to be solved on the basis of prints due to the complete absence of any other information".

A series of images of Russian tsars is no exception. They are made "explanation" Russian portraits of XVIII-first half of XIX century, but "edited" from a purely French elegance. Like all products Lemercier, lithographs well drawn and elegantly printed. Signature in Russian and French has expanded the number of potential buyers to the European, in line with the aspirations of the ambitious and tenacious customer. Not udovolstvye provision of a Moscow merchant, Joseph Datsiaro moved to Petersburg and lived in the house Italian B. F. Graeff, on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and the Admiralty square, becoming co-located bookstore. In 1849 the store moved to its full ownership and was prisposoblen for sale of prints and paintings. A few years later sign with the name Datsiaro appeared on the Italian Boulevard in Paris - in the heart of the art capital of Europe.

Lithographs Datsiaro ormy sold wherever traded Russian illustrated editions: Leipzig, Amsterdam, London. The company was destined for a long life: after the death of Joseph Khristoforovich work was continued by his sons Joseph I. (1831-1892) and Alexander I. (1842-1907), strengthened the glory of the family brand. Best known publishing house Datsiaro brought images of cities, especially famous and repeatedly zapechatyvanie Suite St. Petersburg and Moscow. Portraits among dzialowski products are much rarer and highly valued. Especially, as in the case presented in the Chronicle instance "Alooma Russian tsars", the complete series in perfect condition.
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