Netherlands • 1638−1709

Biography and information

Artist Meindert Hobbema (1638-1709) is the most important master of the Dutch landscape. Skill level is second only to his teacher Jakob baths Rasdale, who studied only one year, but maintained friendly relations throughout his life.
About the biography of the artist little reliable information. The first dated work (paintings) of the artist belong to 1658-1659. Presumably, by learning from raisdale he had another profession, but painting was done exclusively on the wave of enthusiasm for art.
In 1669, the master gave up painting and enlisted in the urban customs. Since then, his career as an artist is significantly reduced. However, this did not prevent Meindert later to create his best works. The names of the paintings belonging to the late stages of his work:
• "The alley at Middelharnis" (1689);
• "The ruins of the castle Brederode" (1671).
These works Meindert Hobbema are the most successful samples of Dutch landscape painting. In fact, they sum it up in its formation and development.

The characteristics of creativity

The painter was not a pioneer of landscape painting in Holland, but managed to inherit the best traditions of the predecessors. The titles of the works Hobbema knew all his colleagues. For paintings characterized by:
• sober, less romantic view of the world;
• the absence in the paintings of the mysterious ruins leading to philosophical thought about the frailty of human life;
• no dramatic dark species of wildlife.
All paintings Meindert Hobbema with the names you will find in the pages of Archive.