Fedorovich Letov

Russia • Gubakha • born in 1948 • artist
Born on October 28, 1948 in the town of Gubakha, Perm region.

Drew - as I can remember... In high school it was the Newspapers, and when was the work "red corners".
Labour the baptism was held in 16 years at the Central experimental workshops (TEAM). When turned 18, got a job in the mine to them. Uritsky, engineer of mining machines and mechanisms. But soon was drafted into the army, after serving, he continued to work, but in mine. Kalinina...

And the soul has desired to do! When he left power after heavy mining Boudin, made sketches, read a lot of literature about painting, the great artists, their skill. Learning to write essays, portraits, but knowledge is not enough... he Entered the correspondence Department of the Moscow folk University of arts. To study I liked, I then worked as a fitter on the railway and free time to draw more. The acquired knowledge is immediately reinforced by practice, but by fate never had to become a certified specialist. The reasons were many, work, family... of Course, now I regret that I left school, but the decision was made. The initial knowledge base, obtained over two years, began to develop independently.
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