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born in 1972 • artist

Biography and information

Victor G., Baichuk (a pseudonym Halperin) was born in 1972 on the day of the Sun in Taganrog Rostov region. He studied in theatrical school Drama theater.Chekhov, at the faculty of journalism of Rostov state University. Author and presenter of the program "Night of poetry" on "Radio Rostova". Since 1996 — member of Union of journalists of Russia.

He graduated from the MSGI majoring in psychology and cinematography — on the program "film Directing. Specialization. The second Director". Worked as the art editor of the magazines "Your capital" and "Orbita", published by "the Ark", the newspaper "Donskaya panorama", "Taganrogskaya Pravda", "Hammer", "news", "RBC daily" and online projects of the company ARTtech.

As an Illustrator collaborated with the magazine "Networks" ID "Open systems", Rostov publishing house "All for You", published by "Style". He currently lives in Karachi, works as the chief editor of the political publication "the New courier".