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Johann Heinrich Roos
Johann Heinrich
Germany 1631−1685
Biography and information

He was born in 1631 in Radolishta in the Palatinate, died in 1685 in Frank-Furth-on-Miie. With 1647 disciple of Guillaume Dujardin, Cornelis de Bi and BA-rents Grata in Amsterdam. The impact of the Nikolaev works of Berchem. From 1664 to 1667 court painter.

painter and printmaker, originally from Otterberg in the Palatinate. In early childhood he moved with his family to Amsterdam, went there in 1647, to the disciples to Yul. Dujardin, and later moved to Adrian de Bee and finished his art education at Baranda Grotto. Having been in 1650−54. in Italy, France and England, in 1657 he settled in Frankfurt am main and in 1673 received the title of court painter of the elector of the Palatinate Karl Ludwig. Initially he mainly painted biblical scenes, Gypsy camps and very good portraits (for example, Johann-Philipp Flashbang von Kleberg), but later almost exclusively devoted himself to the depiction of animals on the background of beautiful landscape. His works are distinguished by great taste, but suffer some delanote, and sometimes excessive red tones. Especially good leave his sheep and goats whose wool he was able to convey with amazing skill. Of the paintings of this artist best: «the Life of Italian shepherds» (in the Städel Institute in Frankfurt am main), «Cattle watering», «Grazing cattle» (in the Vienna gallery), «Hunters» (in the Berlin Museum), «Annunciation» (Brunswick gallery). In the Imperial Hermitage Museum there are two paintings R.: «a Halt of Gypsies among ruins of an ancient temple» (No. 1278) and «Italian landscape» (No. 1279). Some of the landscapes of Ermel and R. Remmele attributed figures. He has also been known as a great engraver. They executed 44 of the etching compositions, which are especially respected: «the Shepherdess» and «Italian form with a sleeping shepherd.»

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Johann Heinrich Roos. Gypsy camp in the ancient ruins
Gypsy camp in the ancient ruins
59×51 cm
Johann Heinrich Roos. Evaported
1682, 60×83 cm
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