Kazakhstan • Almaty • artist

Biography and information

2008-2013 Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov. Almaty City
Specialty: Monumental painting.
2004-2008 Shymkent art college named after A. Kasteyev. Shymkent
Specialty: Artistic textile

Additional education:
2007 - Training on "Technique and design of carpet weaving in natural painting". Shymkent
2014 year - Fulfillment of vocational training on curriculum virtuosity in Faberge.
Almaty City
My exhibitions:
"Virtraca" in Almaty 2010
"Nauryz-Koktem" Almaty 2012 year
"New look" in Atyrau 2012 year
"Nurly Zhol - Art Way" Almaty 2015
"The Great Steppe Country" in Shymkent 2015
Modern trends in monumental art of Kazakhstan: art
Stained-glass window and mosaic-2016 "Almaty 2016
"Quarterly Expressions - 25х25" Almaty Year 2016
XIX International creative youth festival "Shabyt" Astana Year 2016

Paintings, monumental painting, pano 
Graphic designer, etc.