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born in 1984 •
Artist in social media
My name is Margarita Dadykina @margarita_dadykina_artdolls

I was born in Kharkov in a family of road construction engineers. From the age of two and throughout my life I drew people, but the family did not consider it a serious occupation, so at first I was sent to a specialized school at the Kharkov Conservatory in the piano class (I love to sing), then to institutions with in-depth study of foreign languages (I like to read) ... Many years have passed, I became a simultaneous interpreter, I almost gave up drawing, I began to lack skills, I got married.
And then they appeared ... dolls ...
I have always had a deep interest in art in all forms: painting, sculpture, illustrations. Apparently, observation and workaholism served me well in this endeavor. Since childhood, reading books, legends, looking at magnificent paintings, for some reason I dreamed about a tangible three-dimensional image, I wanted a doll like from a picture, but, of course, then I could not even imagine that I would ever be able to create it with my own hands ... But a miracle happened when I had long forgotten my dream ... on the Internet I came across a small article about creating dolls from polymer clay, as a result, a week later I had a long awkwardness, but with a claim and the name of an English lady: Mary- Jane.
I plunged into the world of puppetry with my head. In 2015, for the first time in my life, I truly found myself. Imagine, the dolls gave me self-confidence, the lack of which I suffered all my life. Yes, I can doubt: in my knowledge, skills, in the fidelity of the chosen image, pose, color, but I am sure that now I am not an empty phrase here, not a one-day butterfly: my dolls do not leave you indifferent. And this is where I stay.
In the world of dolls, I was captivated by the works of Guli Alekseeva, Natasha Pobednaya, Yana Solovieva, Evgenia Zaretsky, I immediately set myself a high bar and slowly overcome step by step on the way to her ...
Now the most difficult stage for me is the costume, but when you see your mistakes, listen to reasonable and positive criticism (I appreciate smart criticism), then with each doll I am getting closer to that ideal image that I see in my head ... Dolls wake me up at night, they pulsate in my brain, develop, acquire flesh, symbols and details.
I really love working with a double bottom, new readings of famous stories, when the author shares his inner life, when you can unravel symbols and hidden connotations.
And I wholeheartedly support the exit of the author's art doll to the level of art, while in any form of art, in the puppet world, the whole kaleidoscope of events and feelings of the real and surreal worlds should be present.
I dream of an enlightened viewer who does not ask: “why is the doll sad?”, But thinks, analyzes and learns to empathize. For some reason, it never occurs to anyone to ask why Vrubel's "The Swan Princess" is sad, or why Dostoevsky's novels have such sad subjects, they are exhibited in museums and taught to children at school. Everything is simple: this is an art and it is designed to develop, purify and heal the soul, teach a person to be a person.
Hope most of my dolls are about this, at least that's my goal.
I can't stand plagiarism and stamps in dolls. I believe that one should enter art only with thoughts and ideas, and if they are not there, then you can easily find yourself in some other creativity.
I look for inspiration in ancient legends, history, literature, often in music, from rock to classical operas. I try to make my dolls tell stories.
2019 was rich in victories in competitions, but the most valuable for me is the first place in the oldest international competition "Hannie Sarris Award".


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