Kronidovich Ptitsyn

Kronidovich Oleg Ptitsyn (27 September 1947 — June 7, 2000) — Russian portrait painter (chart), landscape painter and wood Carver.

Born and raised in Ivanovo, in the family of Colonel of militia, graduated from high school № 33. Then he entered the Ivanovo art school (ogou "Ivanovo regional art school named after M. I. Malyutin"), which was the avocation of his life — painting. His Teacher he called Victor Orlov, and a spiritual mentor Vsevolod Fedorovich Dubinina. Oleg believed the artist from God, and he can rightfully be called the pride of Ivanovo land. Mikhail Yarotsky:

Oleg Ptitsyn — an artist from God. He has a unique paintings and drawings. Landscapes, still lifes, compositions, drawings... it's Hard to say what Ptitsyn stronger and more interesting. The Master's hand is felt in every detail, but with a sense of clarity and depth to the overall design.
One feature: even looking at his larger paintings, I would venture to say that Oleg — artist of the chamber. It's not an insult: even a large Symphony of Mozart perceived as a chamber. However, the chamber is made of great depth.

In 60-ies Oleg Ptitsyn comes in a Poetic youth theatre-Studio of Regina M. Greenberg. Here he works as an assistant of the sculptor Ernst Neizvestny (artist performances in the theater).

A. Vysotina:

He was a talented graphic and painter. All his work is imbued with poetry. Picturesque works are full of tenderness, quivering with joy, admiration, the inexhaustible riches of nature.
Yang Brustein:

Oleg Ptitsyn was in Ivanovo, as we would say today, the iconic and, perhaps, a cult figure. Not a member of any of the creative unions, winner of no awards, he was known and loved by many. Not a dissident, not avant-garde, just very good and absolutely not an official artist.
In Ivanov held several personal exhibitions of Oleg Ptitsyn:

1992 — Exhibition hall of Union of artists;

1993, 1994 — White hall of Museum of local Lore them. D. G. Burylin;

1994 — the Russian Fund of culture and the center "Yuventa";

1995 — the House-Museum of Boris Prorokov;

1996 — Art school, Music school and Library for children and youth;

1997 — Russian cultural Foundation.

In 1994 he released an album of graphic works. Several times the paintings were used to make books and albums.

A named Oleg Ptitsyn best portrait painter of the city of Ivanovo. A distinctive feature of his work was the inner world of the model, which Oleg Ptitsyn was able to show in his paintings.

Exhibition of works of Oleg Ptitsyn are now.

In may 2011, in the Ivanovo State Textile Academy, was opened a memorial plaque in memory of Oleg Ptitsyn.

11 may 2012 opened a personal exhibition of Oleg Ptitsyn in the Art gallery "Classics".

In early September 2013 he published a book about the life and works of Oleg Ptitsyn.

3 October 2013 presentation of the book "Oleg Ptitsyn. Drawing" (ISBN 978-5-905908-43-9) .
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