Nikolaevna Lesukhina (Razmyshkina)

Russia • Chelyabinsk • artist, collector, gallery owner
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Biography and information

Razmeschena Anna Nikolaevna

Born in the Kurgan region on 20 October 1971. In the village of Breakthrough.
From 1983 to 1998, the family lived in Siberia (Khanty-Mansi Okrug).
1992 — graduated from the Chelyabinsk economic College (specialization - accounting in credit institutions).
2002 — Chelyabinsk state University (specialty - law.
2002—Chelyabinsk Institute of Humanities ( specialization-art history).
2004 - 2016 — the Director and the critic of a private showroom gallery at the Winter Garden" House Business "Spiridonov", Chelyabinsk.
Brought together creative people, personalities,talents,
which appeared before the world in all its diversity: artists, sculptors, installer
2001 - first solo exhibition in America on the usual street fair.
2003 - first solo in Russia. From that time to this day, active, creative and social activity: publications, exhibitions, interviews.....