France • Avignon • born in 1974
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Biography and information

A graduate of the beaux arts of saint Etienne, Baptiste Chave drew its inspiration from different currents of the French painting and international in the course of his various stays in Greece, Mexico, Germany.
But the essence of his art is based on everything that touches the human, and his quest for the absolute.
This sensitivity, he expresses through innovative techniques of cutting, overlays of plans; a deep dive into " the string theory ", in the way you treat the space and the subjects .
These techniques désacralisent traditional painting to give a relief to the familiar objects of life, such as bicycles, boats.
Most often vehicles vectors of freedom and escape.
After studying five years at the école régionale des Beaux Arts de Saint-Etienne, including a year spent in Thessaloniki, Baptist Chave extends its learning the Fine Arts of Karlsruhe in the workshop of Max Kaminski. It is present also in Mexico city, invited by the Embassy of France in Mexico, he made a series of drawings inspired by this capital city of the Surrealists that it will exhibit at the Gallery of The Casa Francia in the year 2000.
A native of the south of France, slopes down to live and work in Marseille, but he left after a few years in Paris. He / she will earn then the small jobs while continuing to paint in his room for good and sets out to "November in Vitry" and the "Salon de Mai" in Paris.
It then leaves the capital for the Normandy because he won an artist-in-residence, after being out at the Salon de Montrouge. Income in Marseilles in 2009, he tends since to devote himself exclusively to painting.
"The revolution of the bicycle" Paper cut-outs.
In the series of bikes, which could be entitled : "ballad motionless in a room service ", the artist revisits the history of painting regional across the great movements of the history of painting, French and international : The Fauves of Provence to the Neo-Expressionists German, Cobra, figuration Libre, American Abstraction, Art Brut, Impressionist...
This series started there 8 years ago during his installation in Paris, (thanks or because of a constraint of space) continues to this day. Baptist Chave lived a "service room" tiny under the roof of a Haussmann building and frequented almost daily in the Louvre, the Orsay museum, the Georges Pompidou Centre, the galleries of the rue de Seines, the Marais, the large retrospective at the Grand Palais, and the Palace Orangery.
The bikes are meticulously painted in gouache are cut out each one with the same thoroughness with a scalpel and then glued on Arches paper. The bikes are floating in the media responding to the laws of perspective, the support fleet in the framework. These bikes are for the most part bear the names of the painters whose works resonate with Baptist Chave.
Such a projection of the History of Painting on small bikes !
Bikes Chave constitute a walk improbable in the History of the painting where the comparison with the "stretch time" of the cutting, the obsessive repetition, the shimmering colours, the shadows and the detail of the details, will challenge and fascinate the eye.
Among other things, "The revolution of the Bicycle" the artist is working on two other series and returns to the canvas and the frame. We find the question recurring on the journey of the painter, and the inclusion of cut-out paper.
The series " The terrace ". A quest for the absolute, light, variations in color. A return to painting on the ground from the terrace of his dwelling converted into a workshop. Peace and quiet and meditation in the area of the Chapter, at the heart of the bustle of the City of Marseille.
And then in 2016, the artist left the capital city of the midi and withdrew to the countryside, these patterns will become trees and vegetation, light, vibration, sun angle, harsh winter, bikes.
The series "On the trail of big Cats" an Extension of a promenade to be unlikely in the history of art and a pretext to paint, out of the picture and leave your home at least until the Old Port or on the shores of the Camargue. A tribute to the great Beasts of the last century from Marseille to Sète.
The sails of the boats disappear little by little, revealing one of the kite surfers, between sky and sea...