Biography and information

Josef Lada (the Czech. Josef Lada; 17 December 1887, Hrusice, Austria-Hungary — 14 December 1957 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a painter and writer.

Best known for his series of illustrations for "Adventures of gallant soldier Schweik" by Jaroslav Hasek. Josef Lada is also considered one of the founders of the so-called modern Czech fairy tales. He is the author of "Naughty tales" – a collection of fairy tales, reminiscent of the classic tale, but in which everything is "backwards".

The first teacher of the Frets was a parish priest and a passionate painter-lover of Josef Ruzicka. Joseph little studied in Prague at the masters for the production of theatrical scenery, then in the bookbinding workshop, followed by painting courses and, finally, the art-industrial school. However, training in it, he did not graduate, the academic system was not good for the student. However, the lack of a classical education did not prevent the Josef Lada to become not only a beloved artist in his native Czech Republic, but also a world celebrity.

Josef Lada left to live in Prague, continued self-education, worked as an Illustrator and cartoonist in magazines. His satirical drawings have become increasingly popular among readers. Their main topic was the procedures and bureaucracy in the Habsburg monarchy, as well as the daily lives of citizens.

In 1911 Josef Lada published his first book for children – "My alphabet". This alphabet will be accompanied by many generations of Czech children. In the 1920-1930-ies Josef Lada has already become a famous artist. He has presented his work at the Exhibition of decorative arts in Paris, published the first volume of the book "Funny tutorial Lada", in 1926 he organized the first solo exhibition in Prague.

Currently, the home of Lada in Hrusice, a Museum.