Nikolaevich Didenko

Turkmenistan • Ashgabat • born in 1976
Art became fascinated from an early age, already denying a realistic look at the image. In the first years worked in the postmodern manner, inspired by the artists of Western Europe and the United States of 40-80 years. To participate in exhibitions began with fifteen years. First solo exhibition consisted of 80 made in the technique of watercolor, gouache and monotype works. While studying and after graduation, in search of his own style, Hobbies and crafts, paying particular attention to carpet weaving, and tapestry cosmoplane, but don't forget about his original profession as a ceramist, created a series of works made of felt, and a separate themed rugs are strictly following the traditions of composition and technology of Turkmen carpet weaving. In 2006 begins a new stage in the work, where traditions give way to technology. You will create a series of works called "the Amber Room", which Didenko experimenting with an imitation gold, using a variety of methods: film imitating gold, and wax, to the ordinary acrylic and glue. The paintings become a modern form of expression, both in plot and technique, volume. In the works of the artist began to use silicone, hair, pure pigments, glue, wood, silk and synthetic fibers.
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