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OBROSOV Vladimir / OBROSSOV Wladimir
Born in Moscow.
He studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute (Moscow Architectural Institute).
In 1982, he joined the City Committee of Graphic Artists on M. Gruzinskaya 28. Since 1990, a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA); Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.
He studied painting with the artist Vitaly Skobelev.
Picture by Sergey Sharov and Tatiana Petrova.
He worked as an architect in “GIPROTEATR-e” of the USSR Ministry of Culture, “Art” publishing house as an artist and art editor;
From the 80s to the present I have been working in the field of reportage and art photography, book and advertising design; since 1989 freelance and staff cooperation with advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers: “OGILVY & MATHER”, “J.Walter THOMPSON”, “PRP Group”, “STAS”, “OGONEK”, “STOLITSA”, “KURANTY”, “VIP” ”,“ VOYAGE INTERNATIONALE ”,“ RRE-RUSSIAN REAL ESTATE ”,“ ALLA ”,“ PLAY BOY ”(rus., It.),“ JEWELRY WORLD ”,“ BEAR ”,“ OM ”,“ BURDA ”,“ FIVE STARS ”,“ STEP ”, ID“ OPEN SYSTEMS (Open Systems Publications) ”,“ AUTUMN PR ”,“ JEWELER ”,“ JEWELRY REVIEW ”,“ SALON ”,“ PLANET OF BEAUTY ”,“ KURANTY ”,“ ELLEDEKOR ” “LIFE STYLE”, “WOMEN CLUB”, “ARGUMENTS AND FACTS”, I.D. “TOP SECRET”, “RUSSIAN COURIER”, “MOSCOW TRUTH”, “STAFFICKER”, “HARPER'S BAZAAR”, “DESIGN - ILLUSTRATED”, “RESTAURANTS OF MOSCOW”, “YOU AND YOUR RESTAURANT”, I.PRO. “TV PARADE”, “SHE”, “PARADE”, “APRIORI”, “PEN WORLD Russian Edition”, I.D. GLOSSY - “MEZONIN”, “OFFICIEL” and other print media.
I have been taking part in exhibitions of paintings, graphics and photographs since 1982, including:
1982 to 1990 spring and autumn reporting exhibitions of painting in Malaya Gruzinskaya 28.
1986 - CMEA Library Congress Veszprem, Hungary;
1990 - 1991 “Agasfer” project of a gallery of mountains. Moscow;
1990 - “Soviet Russia”, Sweden;
1991 - exhibition at the First Congress of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs;
1991 - “Small Georgian in Manezh”, Manege, Moscow (in the sections “Painting”, “Graphics”, “Photography”);
1991 - “August 19-21. Moscow. Chronicle of events ”, All-Union Photo Center, Moscow;
1992 - organizer and participant of the “Group Therapy” project Moscow M Gruzinskaya 28;
1992 - curator and participant of the project “Erotic - fairy tales”, dedicated to the first full publication in Russia of the book
“Russian Treasured Tales from the Collection of A.A. Afanasyev”, “Mirth” Publishing House, 1992 - Pushkin State Museum, Moscow;
1993 - organizer and participant of the project “PS - Group Therapy”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1993 - “Square + Square”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1993 - “Religion in the image”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1993 - “Moscow Autumn”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1993 - organizer and participant of the project “PS-Group Therapy”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1993 - “Pool MOSCOW” Pool “Moscow” (in n. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior);
1994 - “Wildly Looking Around” ”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1994 - Moscow Autumn project, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1995 - “PS Wildly Looking Around”, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya 28;
1995 - “Mizantrop”, personal exhibition of photos Velta Moscow;
1996 - “Building a Perspective” project P. Karachentsev Gallery “L” Moscow;
1996 - “Building Prospects - 2” Central House of Artists Moscow;
1996 - “Hello from the side” personal exhibition Aarhus, Denmark;
1996 - “Thigh of Zeus”, “EXPO-88” - photo project. First Photo Biennale in Moscow;
1997 - “Erotic Stories”, Kuntsevo Gallery, Moscow;
1997 - personal photo exhibition gallery “Gogol 6” Moscow;
1997 - “PRO FACHION” Central House of Artists Moscow;
1998 - “The Wizard's Birthday” solo exhibition;
1998 - “The Birthday of the Wizard” personal exhibition. Expo - 88 Moscow;
1998 - “Jubilee Expo-88” Expo - 88 Moscow;
1999 - “TRAGET Moscow - Belgrade” Expo - 88 Moscow;
1999 - “TRAGET Moscow - Belgrade” “Russian Cultural Center” Belgrade;
1999 - “Not sent letters to Pushkin” Expo - 88 Moscow;
2000 - “Side View, Windows and Others and Holes” Moscow;
2002 - “Bridges” Fourth Moscow Photo Biennale. Personal exhibition MDF (MAMM-MDF) and Expo - 88 Moscow;
2003 - “Decor week of the magazine“ Mezonin ”of the Central House of Artists Moscow;
2004 - “Did you see how a river flows under a bridge?” ... 5 Moscow Biennale. MDF (MAMM-MDF) and Expo - 88 Moscow;
2005 - “Vector“ Y ”solo exhibition Expo - 88 Moscow;
2005 - “Inspirational Brush” New Manege Moscow;
2006 - “Global Warming” Gallery “Dacha” solo exhibition, pos. Zhukovka, Moscow Region;
2013 - “Art does not belong to the people - or deja vu - deja entendu!” Performance embankment opposite the CHA.
2015 - “East - West” gallery “Na Kashirke” Moscow;
2015 - “KONSTRUKTIVISMUS-DE-CONSTRUCTIVISM” Russian-German House in Moscow. Moscow;
2016 - “B & W + CONSTRUCTIONISM” Central House of Artists in Moscow. Moscow;
2016 - “RED WINGS OF CONSTRUCTIVISM” Gallery “Kultproekt” and the Museum of the City of Moscow. Moscow;
2016 - “Bau-constructivism-haus” Art Riga, Riga, Latvia;
2017 - “Entartete K” Art Riga; Riga, Latvia.

Works are in private collections in the European Union, England, the United States, as well as in the Fondation ELF and the Museum of the City of Moscow.
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