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Boruch (Jenia) was born in Russia, in Moscow in 1955. Recalling his childhood: he writes "From the age of four, I was involved in art, particularly in sculpture. For several years I made lots of animals and the environments they lived in using modeling clay."

After high school, he attended Moscow Civil Engineer Institute follow by two years of service in the Soviet Army. Then Boruch worked as a structural engineer in several architectural and engineering firms.

In 1996, he and his wife and two sons immigrated to the United States. First, they lived in Atlanta, Georgia where he worked as a designer for an engineering company. In 2001, he accepted an engineering position in the Chicago area and they moved there, settling in suburban Skokie.

In the summer of 2002, Boruch found Evanston Art Center and enrolled in Sheila Oettinger’s class Figurative Sculpture. He says, "I was missing sculpting my whole life and it was just the right place for me." From that time to the present he is frequently in the sculpture studio.
Boruch does primarily realistic sculptures, "I love portraits and enjoy the beauty of the human body as well. Sometimes my enjoyment takes me further, and my realistic line transforms into a new way."

In the summer of 2006, Boruch worked as facilitator in a sculpture class for special needs children at Little City Foundation. In that fall Boruch started to work with adult artists, and it was the beginning of a sculpture studio on their campus. He has also had experience working with seniors at Presbyterian Homes in Evanston and at North Shore Senior Center in Northfield. Boruch loves clay and he considers it his main medium.

Boruch offers private sculpture classes called Clay Class for teens and adults. Call or email Boruch for further information: cell 847-708-4030, email

Boruch's Lev work has been exhibited in numerous local and international exhibitions. The latest are:

6th Beijing Art Biennale 2015, China; “Clay Ground”, a two sculptor show at the Chicago Cultural Center, 2016; "Nude Winter", a two-artist exhibit at Palette and Chisel Academy of Art, Chicago, 2017.
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