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Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov
 Vladimirovich Kuryanov
born in 1960 artist
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Biography and information
Born on January 31, 1960 in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov Region. From 1973 to 1976 He studied in Michurinsk with the member of the Artists' Union of the USSR, Honored Cultural Worker A. V. Platitsyn, and PK Frolov. From 1976 to 1979 — In the city of Bryansk, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, V.V. Vorobyov.
Member of the creative union of professional artists.
Member of the professional union of artists of Russia.
Member of the Eurasian Art Union
It consists of the Russian Artistic Rating (a single rating of artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, the "Russian abroad", the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union).
Member of the non-profit partnership of artists and cultural workers "Art without Borders"
Took part in city, regional, republican and a number of thematic exhibitions. In the 80s he created the current coat of arms of the Michurinsky district of the Tambov region.
The artist’s works are in private collections in Italy, Germany, France, Venezuela, USA, China and Russia.
Collaborates with galleries: Art Salon on Oktyabrskaya, Century (CHA), Art Gallery Gostiny Dvor, Belle Fleur (CHA), Albatross, Art-Lux, Moscow Public Culture Foundation, State Exhibition Hall Varshavka ", Gallery" Visions Fine Art "," Arden "International Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture Moscow Member of the non-profit partnership of artists and cultural workers" Art without Borders ". Moscow and Tarusa You can buy paintings by the artist
Permanent exhibitions of the artist’s works are in the Michurinsky Literary and Musical Museum "House of Princes Golitsyn" and the Art-Hotel Gallery in the city of Tarusa.
Currently working in Tarusa and Moscow.
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Svetlana Ivanova

Elena Stepanenko. Awakening
10 000 ₽
Elena Stepanenko. Wind in the head (sold)
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Artworks by the artist
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Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. People a month in March
People a month in March
2017, 40×60 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. Bird cherry time
Bird cherry time
1, 50×80 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. Distant lights
25 000 ₽
Distant lights
40×70 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. Winter in old town
Winter in old town
60×80 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. By the evening
17 000 ₽
By the evening
50×60 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. The last rays
40 000 ₽
The last rays
60×80 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. First beam
First beam
50×50 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. Last serene days
30 000 ₽
Last serene days
60×70 cm
Victor Vladimirovich Kuryanov. The colors of autumn
12 000 ₽
The colors of autumn
50×40 cm
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