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Ivanovich Zakharov

born in 1945
Mikhail Ivanovich Zakharov (born July 1, 1945, the village of Shandar (according to some sources, the village of Berezovka in the Uvat district, Tyumen region) — Soviet and Russian artist, member of the Tyumen branch of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1980.
Mikhail Zakharov was born July 1, 1945, the son of Ivan Dmitrievich Zakharov (b. in 1905) and Eudoxia Feodorovna Zakharova (born in 1915).

He studied by Correspondence at the people's University of arts. N. K. Krupskaya (snwi) in Moscow in the period from 1961 to 1964[7].

Since the beginning of 1970-ies the artist is actively writes, exhibits and sells his work.

In 1980, Mikhail Ivanovich Zakharov became a member of the Tyumen branch of the Union of artists.

From 1987 to 1989, Zakharov was appointed Chairman of the arts Council of the Tyumen branch of the Union of artists.

From 1989 to 1991 he was a member of the Board, a member of the artistic Council and member of the exhibition Committee of the Tyumen regional branch of the Union of artists of Russia.[6]

Mikhail Zakharov lives and works in Tyumen (Russia).

Mikhail Zakharov is the author of thematic paintings, rural landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Many of his works can be found the symbol of the forest — black grouse. The artist works in the style of figurative art.

In the 1970-ies the main object of Zakharov's art was Siberian nature ("Kingdom of moss", "Ancient bird").

In the 1980s, the most significant and the most frequent image imprinted on his canvases — this image of an abandoned village ("Flood", "Mazurovskii goats", "Sphinx abandoned village").

In the 1990s, in place of the classic landscapes come descriptions of the destructive traces of human activity ("Nostalgia", "Rustle of the stars").

A number of works of the author can be in a separate series:

"A village life" is an autobiographical series ("Large grouse", "berry", "got bear");
"Siberian village of the mid-twentieth century";
"Abandoned village";
"Several scenes from the life of semenovskogo dealer eulampia";
"Rendezvous on the outskirts";
"Two Of Venus".

M. I. Zakharov took part in city, regional, Republican, all-Union, all-Russian, international exhibitions. His exhibition activity began in 1974 with the all-Union exhibition "Creative youth" on VDNH (Moscow).

2004 favorites. Tyumen Museum of fine arts, Tyumen;
2005 "80 years of Uvat district", village Uvat, Tyumen oblast;
2009 the Tyumen Museum of fine arts, Tyumen;
2009 Regional exhibition "Ural's", Museum of fine arts, Chelyabinsk;
2010 "85 years of the Uvat district." S. Uvat, Tyumen oblast;
2010 "Mikhail Zakharov. Rustic life.", Tyumen, Tyumen Museum of fine arts;
2012 "Mikhail Zakharov", Tyumen, the House of Soviets;
2013 "Dialogues with Rysavy" Mikhail Zakharov. Siberian life, Khanty-Mansiysk, Gallery-workshop of the artist G. S. Raishev's art;
2014 "Mikhail Zakharov. Legends of gray Irtysh", Saint-Petersburg, the Presidential library. B. N. Yeltsin;
2015 "Mikhail Zakharov. The sky boat was floating", Tyumen, the Tyumen regional Museum of fine arts;
2016 "Mikhail Zakharov. Siberian village", Uvat, Tyumen oblast;[
2017 "Mikhail Zakharov. The sky boat was floating", Moscow, Moscow Museum of Russian folk and naïve art;
2017 "Mikhail Zakharov. Uvat reserved. In the realm of mosses", Ufa art gallery "GRANGE".
His works are in the Tyumen Museum of fine arts (TMII), in private collections in Russia, Belgium, Canada, Japan, America.

State awards and titles

1999 — winner of the regional prize. I. A. Kalganova. For the creation of an original genre-themed songs ("Satanovsky swamp", 1999, H., M.)
2001, 2002 — winner of the regional prize. V. P. Ovcharov. For the creation of the best of still life ("the Sad solo of a lonely horse", 2001, H.,M.).
2004 — Diploma of the city Administration of Tyumen, Committee for culture of the Tyumen region "For active creative activity, his great contribution to the development of fine art of Russia" (Tyumen).
2009 — Diploma of first degree for participation in the Regional exhibition "Ural", Chelyabinsk.
2009 — diploma of the head of administration of Tyumen. For his great contribution to the development of fine arts.
2009 — the laureate of the Russian literary contest "Patriot of Russia" (prize in the category "Pavel Bazhov" — Volgograd, 2009) "For the theme of the history of his native land in the novel "Agin Yar".
2010 — Honorary diploma of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Scholarship of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. For the big contribution to development of culture of Russia.
2013 — awarded the Medal "For merits before Fatherland" II degrees "For the big merits in development of domestic culture and art, many years of fruitful activity".

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