Closs Olsome


Biography and information

Charles Alsome Clos (Charles Clos Olsommer; March 17, 1883, neuchâtel - June 3, 1966, Sierre) was a Swiss artist-symbolist.
Born in neuchâtel in 1883 in the family of photographer Louis. Studied art first at the Art school of La Chaux-de-Fund Professor Charles l Platania (Charles L Eplattenier, 1874-1946) from 1901 to 1902. Then from 1903 to 1904 in the School of applied arts (Kunstgewerbeschule) in Munich and, finally, from 1904 to 1905 in the Beaux-arts in Geneva.
During one of his many trips to Bulgaria, the Balkans, Italy, Germany and France he met a beautiful Bulgarian woman named Strong, who became his wife in 1907. To this marriage were born five children, Fridolin, Lor, Bojen, Claude and Carlo.
Since 1912 Alsome lived in Faith (Sierre, Wallis, Switzerland) until his death in 1966. Here he built his home, which today has become a Museum. Here Alsome had converted to Catholicism in 1935 and in 1958 was made an honorary citizen of Faith.
The most common story of the artist's work was reading or the praying woman in a fantastic landscape or surrounded by a psychedelic pattern. His models were mostly his family members, mother, father, wife and Good children, as well as local residents.