About the artwork
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Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Realism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 2012
Size: 75×65 cm

Description of the artwork «Samen»

Kobylin drank for one
With a snack is clearly not friends.
Ate After a glass - Sukhovo,
So - through the dash - and lived.

Chekhov has nothing to do with his story either. And the name fits perfectly, only the main character in one person. So...
Once, in a certain southern country, full of lovers of tasty food, I ran into a typical typical apartment with a warm, cheerful and noisy company with a very large girth character. During his time (or rather, around him) there was a thin pretty woman in a small sprout who was asking all the time to ask: And what about the map? And the axis I toby morsika poured. Have a drink, my little bird, morsiku ?.
Semyon puffed, wiped the sweat with a large handkerchief and ate, ate, ate ... and drank, drank, drank ...
Seeds' wife came from another (less southern) country, where FOOD was also one of the national amusements.
But, there they still drank, and they ate only to have a snack. Senya did not drink alcohol, and for me it was strange to observe a lot of people eating and completely sober.
- For what then is? - sitting at the same table with Senya, all the time, I thought.
- And if a person likes the process of absorbing food?
- But this is stupid somehow.
- And run a hundred meters with a stopwatch? And climbing mountains with a huge backpack? BUT ...
This is how an internal monologue took place. In the meantime, I internally argued, Senya shoved into his gut new portions of exceptionally delicious products of his loving wife. I was amazed at the number and capacity, and at the same time, in connection with what I saw, my appetite completely disappeared, which means ... So it was impossible to drink. So, I was terribly angry at this character and, naturally, I couldn’t even think of making a portrait out of him. So he and the size of the canvas would not fit! What kind of portrait is this, if the head occupies a very small part of the canvas, and the rest is completely BODY ?!
I felt sorry for him and, somehow, frighteningly alarming - and what if something happened to me ... I'm a big fan of tasty snacks.
Some time has passed. Once again, visiting a certain southern country and visiting relatives, I ran into a new person in their hospitable home. The man was new, and the woman with him was very familiar to me and memorable. And she spoke in the same soft and melodious language and just as affectionately looked at the new elect. The elect, by the way, did not drink alcohol at all, and I thought this: you need to arrange separate meals for drinkers and non-drinkers, like the earlier separation of boys and girls. Relatives did not think so and had to sit down a feast practically dry.
The hostess filed a sweet table. Everything that came before him was worthy of all praise, but the luxurious strudel exceeded all imaginable limits of food refinement. Praising the hostess, I cracked one piece after another and ... I almost choked when I heard: Well, I want one shmochochok, my dear. Vіn zovsіm not calorіyny. Zovs_m-zovs_m.
Is the new elect under the same name? But you can not ask, that is, it is possible, but uncomfortable. It remains to wait for the end of the reception.
Weary, with dull eyes, the men crawled out onto the balcony.
- Semyon, is it you again? - I could not stand the suspense of me.
Senya twisted, which had become long and thin, his neck and said:
- Again and always! Only two-thirds shrunken.
- How did you manage this fantastic change?
- American technique! - with proud delight spoke Senya. Just don’t ask what it is - you don’t need it, but I don’t want to remember now.
Senya rubbed his narrow glasses, hoisted them on a thin nose and asked:
- So, shall we now portray the portrait? Now I get into your favorite size?

So, thanks to the American technique, a portrait was born. I still have no idea about the method itself, but I painted Seeds with great pleasure.