Petrovich Karjakin

Born February 2, 1921 in the city of Sursk Kuibyshev region (now Samara region), died in 1990 in Kaliningrad.

In 1936 he enrolled in the Penza art school, painting faculty. One of his teachers was a pupil of Iliya Efimovich Repin, I. S. Goriushkin-Sorokopudov. In 1940, a fifth-year student Nicholas Adams was drafted into the army. During the Great Patriotic war he served in the army air defense, was awarded several medals. In 1947 he completed the training in the fifth year the picturesque pedagogical Department of the Gorky art school. In 1953 he graduated from the Russian State Institute of cinematography, specialty - "Fine and decorative design of the movie" has received qualification "the Artist of the film". Among his teachers was the eminent painter Yuri Pimenov.

In 1953 Nikolai Karyakin, member of the Soviet artists ' Union, then the Union of artists of USSR. Immediately upon completion of training at VGIK moved to Kaliningrad. At that time the Kaliningrad branch of Union of artists consisted of five people, so Nikolai Karyakin actually was behind the regional art organizations. In 1962 and 1966 — Chairman of the Board of the Kaliningrad branch of Union of artists of the USSR.

In the 1960s, the artist often went to visit artists in the region, where they witnessed the harsh everyday life of the Soviet workers, the nature of the Kaliningrad region. Went out several times with the fishermen in the Atlantic ocean: 2-3 months in these expeditions gave ample material for creating large paintings. In 1960-70-ies worked on creative summer residences of the Union of artists of the USSR in the Baltic States.

Nikolay Karyakin — master of easel painting. Genre range of his work is quite wide: from landscapes and still lifes to the chamber of portraits and narrative paintings. One of the main themes in his work — sea: the artist has depicted the perilous work of the fishermen at sea, working life of the employees of the port, portraits of fishermen and dockworkers, the ships of the fleet of the fishery, under repair, in port. Among other important for the artist the – revival of the Kaliningrad region, the reconstruction of the country after the war, the nature of the Baltic region. Nikolai Petrovich also the author of a number of beautiful chamber portraits.

In spite of all the ordeal and test, the artist has managed to maintain a bright and optimistic perception of the world. His paintings produce on the spectator an impression of joyful fullness of life. In the style of work developed as part of the realism. However, the legacy of Nicholas Adams was not a stylistic monolith, the manner of the artist and his interests were varied: in some studies a noticeable closeness to the "harsh style" in the other – a movement towards the decorative, formal searches. Work, researchers also pay attention to the impressionist tendencies in the work of the artist.

Nikolay Karyakin became one of the most significant painters of the Kaliningrad region. His work has been exhibited at many regional, national, zonal, all-Russian, all-Union and international exhibitions (more than 40 exhibitions). The artist's works are in the collections of the Kaliningrad regional Museum of fine arts, the Kaliningrad regional historical and art Museum and in private collections.
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