Sergeevich Khudyakov

Russia • Ulyanovsk • born in 1976 • artist

Biography and information

Alexey Khudyakov was born in 1976 in the city of Ulyanovsk. Often posing for father Alexey from an early age began to draw, and his early work was always distinguished by a vivid imagination and detail even the smallest and most insignificant details. Graduated from the Ulyanovsk school of culture in 1996, Alex worked as an Illustrator, designer, mastering in place of the modern possibilities of computer technology as applied to their work. In September 2001, held a joint solo exhibition of Alex and Elizabeth Hudakova "Delight to do", where he presented a series of his works. Also participated in regional exhibitions. Most of the works of Alex are striking for their vivid images. In fact, each work is another funny story that you can invent your own, if you carefully look at it. Black and white graphics are especially detailed and graceful. Member of the Union of artists of Russia.