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Arnold Böcklin
Switzerland 1827−1901
Biography and information

Arnold. . (it. Arnold Böcklin, October 16, 1827, Basel, Switzerland — 16 Jan 1901 in San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy) — Swiss painter, graphic artist and sculptor; one of the outstanding representatives of symbolism in European fine art of the XIX century.

He studied at the Academy of arts in düsseldorf (1845−1847), then in Munich. Took an educational trip to Switzerland, the Netherlands and France. In 1850−1857 worked in Rome. In 1860−1862 he was a Professor at the Academy of arts in Weimar. Recent years, alternately in Basel and in Italy.

Arnold. . (Arnold Boecklin) (1827−1901), Swiss painter and sculptor. Born October 16, 1827 in Basel. He studied in düsseldorf (1845−1847), Geneva (1847) and Paris (1848). Worked in Basel, Munich, Italy. Was one of the most controversial artists of his time: some admired his rich artistic imagination, others criticized him as a weak painter.

In an effort to get away from the image of reality created in the films fictional world, often deliberately mysterious. At first, he wrote romantic landscapes with mythological figures, then fantastic scenes with nymphs, sea monsters, etc. ("Triton and Nereid", 1873−1874).

In the last years of his life. . has had a strong impact on literary circles of the symbolists, who sought the counter-naturalism. The later songs ("the island of the dead", 1880, Kunstmuseum, Basel), where a contrived symbolism combined with naturalistic accuracy of detail, influenced the formation of German symbolism and art Nouveau. Under the influence of Bocklin were such artists of the surrealist, Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico.

Bocklin’s painting, bright and sharp in color, written mainly in tempera. The artist himself never gave titles to his paintings and did not sign them. Died. . in San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy on 16 January 1901.

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Arnold Böcklin. War
170×222 cm
Arnold Böcklin. Sacred grove
Sacred grove
150×100 cm
Arnold Böcklin. The game of the Naiads
The game of the Naiads
17×151 cm
Arnold Böcklin. Spring
50×60 cm
Arnold Böcklin. Battle of centaurs
Battle of centaurs
195×105 cm
Arnold Böcklin. Idyll
98×73 cm
Arnold Böcklin. Dead island
Dead island
1880, 150×80 cm
Arnold Böcklin. Odysseus and Calypso
Odysseus and Calypso
1883, 15×104 cm
Arnold Böcklin. A calm sea
A calm sea
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