Semenovich Osin

Russia • Moscow • artist
A member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and Union of Artists of Moscow Alexander S. Osin was born in 1956.

In the late 80-ies of the last century, together with his wife Tatiana Kostenko, he creates the "Theatre of Russian fashion". In 1991 their collection receives the Grand Prix at the competition "Cup adjustment". Foreign cruises, participation in non-traditional fashion festivals and various exhibitions in Russia and abroad — the most turbulent period of the artist's life.

Since the beginning of zero years, leaving to nature, immersed in a world of self-discovery, creative preferences. Deals with the restoration and writing icons, wood carving, sculpture, stained glass, batik, graphics, and the most important and favorite work — painting.

Rich inner world of the artist and original creative thinking enables it to display the medium of painting not only the specific events and the world of objects, but also spiritual, intangible concepts. He is interested in everything: portrait, still life, and landscape and genre scenes.

The language of art A. the Aspen depends on the subject of the incarnation — then conditional, minimalistic or detailed to the smallest detail. Often the artist uses the metaphor, allegorical. Subtexts, riddles, encrypted meanings, fantasies... the Artist allows each viewer to become a co-author in reading seen.

The art of A. Aspen is difficult to attribute to any particular way of painting, although his obvious inner passions to surrealism and expressionism.
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